Blond:ish, Behrouz and Atish [Do Not Sit On Miami Music Week]

  • 🎵MiAMI MUSIC WEEK [DO NOT SIT ON MIAMI MUSIC WEEK]🎵 Our second announcement for our Do Not Sit On Miami Music Week shows brings together BEHROUZ, BLOND:ISH & atish, three artists that have managed to spread so much love and good energy through their music and expect nothing but the best with this combination at Do Not Sit! ❀ BEHROUZ ❀ BLOND:ISH ❀ atish Support: Alice Iguchi ~~~~~~ BLOND:ISH By their calculations, Anstascia and Vivie Ann have more than 100 years of raving experience. Sure, the pair met in Montreal in 2008. But as anyone who's been to Nevada's Black Rock Desert will tell you, Burning Man years are like dog years, and by that measure, Blond:ish has been together for a lifetime. These days, Viv and Anstascia are savvyy travelers. Their original productions and DJ sets are inspired, in part, by their travels and spiritual encounters. Plus, they're driven to share their passion with the world, one listener at a time. “A lot of people have never heard of us. Some people don’t take us seriously," Anstascia says. "We’re doing our best to show that our music speaks for itself.” ~~~~~~ BEHROUZ Very few artists need a proper introduction as their name alone speaks for itself and connotes veteran status. Behrouz is easily recognized both on the Burning Man playa where he has held a highly coveted residency on the Robot Heart bus and is well known all over the world having been a household name for those who truly know what's up for well over two decades now. An artist who has seen nearly every inch of the globe as he has shared his music with millions from continent to continent, his name and reputation proceeds him. A DJ's DJ in every sense of the word, Behrouz is a favorite amongst many of the most talented artists and producers on the planet. He is a true story teller and a magician behind the decks evoking powerful emotions through his sound. In addition, BEHROUZ is not only the owner & curator of Do Not Sit On The Furniture but holds residencies in San Francisco, DC and everywhere in between. He is most famous for touching the hearts of listeners and leaving their spines tingling with his emotive selections of deep house all the way ranging to romantic techno, as he likes to call it! ~~~~~~ ATISH The Atish experience: dynamic, emotive, ecstatic. Yet it is more than the sounds emanating from the speakers, it is also the man behind the decks: warm, compassionate, inviting. He is an entertainer and a catalyst: a magician who mixes deep melodies and sophisticated rhythms into musical journeys. Based in San Francisco, Atish has cultivated a devoted following around the world. He’s a natural performer who engages crowds with charm, a smile, and possibly a wig and a tutu. An obsessive music collector, Atish pulls from a broad sonic palette, and with these sounds he creates intimate atmospheres and emotional experiences that linger in your mind long after the music has stopped. Doors open at 10 pm 21+ Tables / RSVP: 5105515067
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