Nightime Drama‎ - Electro x Techno - with Christian Vance Live

  • It's already been great start to the year for Nightime Drama, with Luke Hess headlining our event at the Sly Fox and of course the new release from Trinity & Steven Tang who's ‘Adrifting Voyage’ EP has been rinsed globally by everyone from Fred P to Steffi. On March 17 we're back with a 2 level soiree at the Flinders Hotel, this time featuring a Berlins Christian Vance who will be performing a live set alongside some of Nightime Drama’s favourite local artists for a night of the finest techno & electro. Christian Vance Live performer with releases and remixes on Art of Vengeance, Versatile, Away Music, Global Underground, Perspectiv and own label Haul Music. Career highlights include being invited by Derrick May to collaborate on a remix project for the movie Tekkonkinkreet in Carl Craig’s Detroit studio. His second release on own imprint, Haul Music, was released on Carl Cox’s Global Underground compilation (#38 Black Rock Desert). Vance also remixed Parisian, Etienne Jaumet of Zombie Zombie fame on classic French label, Versatile. One of the more recent 12” offerings on his own label was praised by Resident Advisor featuring a classic remix by British legend Kirk Degiorgio. In 2013 he released the 12” EP “Uneasy Me” on Aril Brikha's Art of Vengeance record label with a remix by Aril himself. His latest project is a collaboration with Berlin artist, Discrete Circuit, entitled Away Soundsystem. The first EP from this project in 2016 features remixes from Joe Claussell and Mr.Ties. Vance’s own fusion of House and Techno music is informed and influenced by his classically trained musical background in combination with early experiences of original Mid-West electronic ideals. He has been performing his own music in a live format since the late 90s. That history can be heard in every live show and DJ appearance. Christian has played in various cities, countries, clubs and festivals in recent times. Stattbad, Tresor and About Blank in Berlin, Club Kyo in Singapore, Berns 2.35:1 in Stockholm to name a few. Clone Records described his debut ep, Tiger Snake on Perspectiv Records as a "New, powerful take on classic Detroit techno."
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  • Nightime Drama‎ - Electro x Techno - with Christian Vance Live - Flyer front