Lumberjacks In Hell

  • Lumberjacks in Hell invites: Soul in the Hole! This is just wonderful. Another one to X out from the list. We are so proud to invite the dynamic duo Sadar Bahar and Lee Collins to our bi-annually Lumberjacks in Hell night at Prince Charles. Much respect for holding down the soulful sound like no other venue in Berlin and second to none in Europe. Support by the notorious Mr Mendel and Lumberjacks in Hell founder, Marcel Vogel. But let's start from the beginning. “Sadar’s tasteful choice in music in his mix reinspired me to go back to the record stores again” – Theo Parrish Sadar Bahar’s distinctive stance on the essence of House music has allowed him to stay relevant up till today. With a strictly vinyl-to-vinyl ethos and delivering the deepest and unknown of rare grooves rather than straight beat tracks. As Soul In The Hole, Sadar and Lee Collins strive to keep the soulful vibe alive which in their opinion can only be derived from “real” music, created by “real” musicians playing “real” instruments. Anyone who’s seen them play can attest to the pure brilliance of their art and dedication. Lee and Sadar are currently in the studio working on the "Soul in the Hole" album. Growing up in Amsterdam, Mr Mendel’s first influences were found in Hip Hop. Later when he worked at Waxwell Records, he got further introduced to many styles of music, broadening his musical horizon from Brazil to Afro, Soul and Disco to House. Mr Mendel’s selections are characterized by passionate and intriguing tunes with an uplifting spirit. In his sets you can recognize his diverse influences, from Chicago’s (ware)house pioneers to Amsterdam’s soulful school of DJs. Perhaps best known for his labels Lumberjacks in Hell and Intimate Friends, the dutch resident but German born Marcel Vogel has been internationally touring as DJ for over 10 years (while first picking up the craft in 1996) and has establish a trademark sound as a producer. While his soulful music taste can always be banked on, it's his gift to bring people and ideas together and immediately recognize a promising song that are the reason for Lumberjacks in Hell ongoing success with anthems like Karizma's - Work It Out or Jamie 3:26 and Cratebug's - Hit It and Quit It. Lumberjacks in space!
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