Ata Kak - Sydney

  • The maker of the cassette that inspired the Awesome Tapes From Africa blog should be received with plenty of love at Freda's.
  • Ata Kak is the mysterious Ghanaian electronic/rap/highlife icon who kick-started the whole Awesome Tapes From Africa phenomenon. Ata Kak’s Obaa Sima cassette fell on deaf ears when it was first self-released in Ghana in 1994 but when American musicologist Brian Shimkovitz stumbled upon the tape at a street stall in Cape Coast, Ghana eight years later it became the stimulus for him to launch his Awesome Tapes from Africa blog. Ata Kak's songs have been played by many a dj at Freda's over the last 5 years and we are beyond excited to share this special night with you. Tix are limited! On supports we have: Max & Marco (Live) - A special debut live collaboration between Marco Vell & Max Santili. + djs: Jimmy Sing (Goodgod) Hugh B (Otis) Lauren Hansom (Condessa) Dj Salami (Freda's)
  • Ata Kak - Sydney - Flyer front