Voov Indoor London

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    Rinkadink (SA) Dickster (DE) Nikki S (AUS) M-Theory (IT) Hamish (GB) Liquid Ross (GB) Miles from Anywhere (GB)
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  • For the first time we are bringing the magic of VooV Festival to London for a one-night spectacular. VooV Festival is one of the leading psychedelic festivals in the world. Based in Pulitz, Germany, it has been wowing audiences of thousands for over 25 years with it's unique production, decorations, custom 360° sound system and mind-blowing laser show. For our London event we are combining the famous elements of Voov Festival indoors, with an immersive psychedelic environment, hypnotic visuals and the best psychedelic trance music available. ** Tickets are available on the door **
  • Voov Indoor London - Flyer front
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