TeaParty XII - Causing A Stir

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    Bar - Kyle & Ois - Lamaj Basement - Oisin Meehan - VSN [Kettama & Coili Collins]
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  • We've only realised we haven't had a midweek buzz since Christmas (we know, sorry) but balance is once again restored as we return to Wah Wah Club, South William Street on Tuesday the 20th of February! Upstairs we're going for our OG TeaParty sound with plenty of funk, disco and soulful beats for you all to groove. No fluff, no messin'. Lamaj will hand the controls over to Kyle & Ois. In the basement we have for you the much anticipated return of the dangerous duo redbullschuh and KETTAMA (VereiSeN) who will then pass responsibility on to the man with a plan, and a tasty tache, Oisin Meehan. All out, no holds barred doof from the get-go. Cause a stir. TeaParty xx
  • TeaParty XII - Causing A Stir - Flyer front