Condor Hole Miami Music Week

  • Condor Hole arrives to Miami music week at trade. Combining live arts with music in a wonderful Sunday from 11PM at one of the best night clubs of miami, Trade. Noncitizens: Rumors Residents at Destino Ibiza with Guy Gerber, they have recently found themselves playing in clubs throughout Ibiza, Paris, London, Barcelona, Mykonos, Tel Aviv, Miami, Los Angeles, Punta del Este and Buenos Aires. Jos & Eli: One of the most solid producers of this times, already got to release music in Diynamic, Sudbeat, Einmusik between other major labels with their fine music. Felix Ayerza: founder of Condor Tunes label, performed at Warung Beach Club tour Punta del Este, Off Sonar event of Monza Ibiza Records, alongside big artists like Eli Iwasa, HNQO, Sinisa Tamamovic, apart from Condor Hole events in Puerto Madryn and Bahrein Buenos Aires. Dead-Tones: is a Parisian DJ/Producer who recently moved to LA to pursue his music career, performed already at Rumors from Guy Gerber in Destino too and released in Oleeva Records between other major labels. Scian: evolving argentine producer and dj combinig unique sounds in a touchy progression during his sets. Live arts, painting and special decoration in the event more info TBA!
  • Condor Hole Miami Music Week - Flyer front