New Scenery: Lady Amz, Crystallmess, Lockhart, Fauzia & More

  • ANOTHER ONE!!! New Scenery is heading to Emily’s bar in Dalston to bring you a night of twisted club. We intend to push the boundaries of spaciality within the club space at this night: an intimate, innovative setting, showcasing various underground DJ’s, with an immersive installation artwork by Benjamin O’Brien aka Pappy Kicker. New Scenery ± is a platform for women and non-binary artists, throwing parties across London whilst donating the proceeds to charity. Brook ± is a charity at the forefront of providing wellbeing and sexual health support for young people. SAFE SPACE POLICY ± is implemented and enforced at all of our nights. So play nice and party respectfully. ================================================== £5 ADV ££7 OTD ================================================== Benjamin O’Brien aka Pappy Kicker is an artist, producer and DJ based in London, UK.Covering various medias such as film, performance and installation, O’Brien works both individually and collaboratively with artists, friends and institutions, creating spaces to compose alternative logics and exploring the negotiation of bodily interactions. The alternative spaces and logics they produced spiral to form dystopian-esque settings, faceted with antidotal tokenisms to the abjected body, self care, desire and community. "Fraudulent limb’s will dance fraudulently with fraudulent digits, eating away the irritation" ‘Ectozema’ is an all immersive installation commissioned by New Scenery, with the focal point of ‘intimacy’. The space will prescribe alternative perspective of club night spaces, conjuring methodologies to how these spaces are navigated, documented, rendered and occupied by bodies that deviate from heteronormative hierarchical structures. Expect to be submerged by various materials such as plastics, water droplets and tarantulas. Instagram: Soundcloud: Website: LINE-UP Lady Amz Lady Amz headlines the basement, the founder and host of Magic Clit. A lesbian club night aimed at women of colour, Amz has secured Magic Clit as one of the best nights in London’s club scene. A highly sought after DJ and producer, she is known for her eclectic riddims and ruthless bangers, it’ll be a chopped and screwed fast paced set. A radio regular for NTS, Rinse and Radar, featured with guests such as Club Chai, BBC AZN network and Mungo. Renowned for her selection of melodic RnB remixes, garage, dancehall and house , Amz’ set will be an hour of madness you don’t want to miss! Crystallmess Priding herself on unconventional rave selections, the Paris DJ turned producer’s set will be packed full of big bad bangers. Gracing us with her spectacular Radar show, Unleashed, she offers and hour of contemplation into the past present and future of club. Featured on lineups with the likes of Klein and Larry B, Crystallmess guarantees us an hour of abrasive percussion and classic club. Lockhart Enter Lockhart - purveyor of all sounds dark and destructive and the newest addition to the New Scenery family. You may know her from her monthly slot on Radar Radio, where her boundary-pushing selection and electric stream of guests mark her as one of experimental club’s most exciting ascending talents. As closing resident she’s absolutely shelled every party thus far - expect velocious deconstructed club bangers mixed with palpable intensity. Fauzia Brighton based Fauzia’s mixes focus on footwork, jungle & club, merging the various sounds of 160. Currently residing on NTS radio her monthly show focuses on high energy only. Always exciting, expect big things on the 23rd. Aamin London based DJ Aamin merges the worlds of 00's pop, vogue, trap and club beats. Fusing all these sounds into mixes of pure pleasure, featuring on the likes of Radar, Soho radio, Jerome, HTS, Subcity and Camp. Gribs Alongside managing the Tobago Tracks label, London-based Gribs’ fraught yet elegiac DJ style has seen her hold down guest shows on NTS, Red Light Radio, Berlin Community Radio and Radar Radio as well as supporting the likes of Fis & Rob Thorne and PAN’s Flora Yin-Wong. Momo Renowned for her vast techno, house and disco knowledge DJ momo can be found shelling down clubs between London and Brighton. A discojuice resident and veteran momo has turned to promoting herself with Electrogirls.
  • New Scenery: Lady Amz, Crystallmess, Lockhart, Fauzia & More - Flyer front