No Way Back 2018

  • Come witness the art of the late-night Midwestern DJ, in one of the crucial sites for the development of Midwestern dance music.
  • 313: Return to the Source - Night 2 We are trying to create a ritual space for personal exploration, to release basic tension. The form that society is forcing you to hold, you can release that. It lets you experience that yourself, as yourself, raw, and to connect to the music and reconnect to life. At a place removed from time. The amorphous space, the cave like atmosphere. This ancient psychedelic ritual, that removes you from the loop of the earth, it removes you from time. — BMG 
 11 Years of No Way Back, it's hard to believe. Each year we think we may have reached our apex, the party surprises us and surpasses everyone's expectations. This party goes until noon, there is sound outside, and a whole new fenced in area, expanding the outdoors.  
 Every DJ chosen to play at No Way Back is a master of their medium, so deep in it that they all serve as constant inspiration. This is a celebration of the lost art of the late night Midwestern DJ. If you don't understand the touchstones of this party, it might be impossible to explain. It is a comment on a continuum. This is our generation returning to the source, feeling a freedom and a heat within the music that results in speaker fucking. Every generation experiences this whether it was at The Loft, Better Days, The Gallery, The Warehouse, The Shrine, Cosmic, Luomos, The Muzic Box, The Hacienda, Area Code 313, Spanky's, Medusa's, The Music Institute, or The Tangent. You might not even know that you have soul until you experience being totally lost in the music and realize there is no way back. 
 The Tangent Gallery is the ultimate blank slate venue run by the people in it for the right reasons, who allow us to fully transform their space for every show we do there. It's in the epicenter of what is actually happening in Detroit, only blocks from FIT Distribution, Submerge, and Moodymann's Prince Tribute house.    In the Outer Space Room we have two of the best live shows of the ambient and experimental persuasion. At dawn, of course, the room is transformed by the sunrise set from Scott Zacharias. In the No Way Back room we have all of our residents, with Erika performing a live solo show.    There are many places to lose yourself, but what happens in the No Way Back room might just change your life.   --- 313: Return to the Source WEEKEND ticket Weekend ticket includes entry to the following 3 parties: Saturday, May 26: Tresor Sunday, May 27: No Way Back Monday, May 28: 15 Years of The Bunker You will also receive an IT tote bag, and once you have claimed your weekend wristband, you will not have to wait in ticketing lines for remaining parties.
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