• Skip the candlelit dinner and get yourself down to Corsica Studios for Hyperdub's Valentine's Day party—don't miss Cooly G's slows jam set.
  • Funkineven Steven Julien first surfaced in 2009 with a refreshing sound unlike many of his contemporaries. While his peers flirted with R&B, abstract grime and whatever else, Julien forged his own path; one which partnered an organic, analogue sensibility with the sounds of electro, '80s funk, and acid. Initially affiliated with the Eglo camp, he eventually formed his own label, Apron Records, which has become a reliable outlet in its own right; not only for his own workings, but also as a home base for talents like Seven Davis Jr and Greg Beato. He's also proven to be an avid collaborator over the years, having worked with Fatima, Delroy Edwards, and, most notably, Kyle Hall, with whom he creates the unapologetically raw sounds of FunkinEvil. Tribe of Colin Having caught our attention with his cassette tape Fruits of Zion that appeared on John T. Gast’s imprint 5 Gate Temple and dreamy opener to Josey Rebelle’s RA mix in 2016, there's little information about him online. His white label record Wide Berth only created more energy around him. To some it might sound like lo-fi techno, yet Tribe Of Colin's rhythmic electronics are a means to an end—a channel through which something personal flows.  Cooly G Cooly G aka Merissa Campbell is the Hyperdub mainstay from South London who produces, sings and DJ’s, as well as running her own label Dub Organizer. Her two highly lauded album releases ‘Playin Me’ and 'Wait Til Night', as well as a series of 12" consist of stripped down, post-garage beats, often graced by dubtracted vocals, seductions and vexations, uttered over bass booms. On Vanishing Land - Mark Fisher & Justin Barton On Vanishing Land (2013, 45m) is a magisterial audio-essay that evokes a walk undertaken by the artists along the Suffolk coastline in 2005, from Felixstowe container port to the Anglo-Saxon burial ground at Sutton Hoo. Fisher and Barton have conjured a new form of sonic fiction from the dreamings, gleamings and prefigurations that pervade the Suffolk coast. The work includes commissions from digital musicians, interviews and the reflections of the artists. Inspired by the cumulative force of the Eerie that animates this landscape, On Vanishing Land pursues affinities between the modernist reinvention of the ghost story in M.R. James’ Oh, Whistle, And I’ll Come To You, My Lad (1904) and the atmospheric engineering of Brian Eno’s album On Land (1982). “Themes of incursion - by unnameable forces, geological sentience or temporal anomaly - recur throughout.” (Kodwo Eshun, The Otolith Collective, Curator, On Vanishing Land) On Vanishing Land integrates new compositions by digital musicians Baron Mordant, Dolly Dolly, Ekoplekz, Farmers of Vega, Gazelle Twin, John Foxx, Pete Wiseman, Raime and Skjolbrot. On Vanishing Land was jointly commissioned, produced and curated by The Otolith Collective and The Showroom.
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