18/7001 Festival

  • 18/7001 TECHNO + AMBIENT 17–19.08 2018 - The Location called „Objekt 7001“, where 18/7001 is held, is a former barrack complex. With it’s help one of GDR’s most important military site „Bunker 7001“ was protected and concealed. In line with the intensity of this location, 18/7001 provides relentless techno from headliners and newcomers alike. Contrasting the fast-paced agenda, one of the stages hosts ambient sets in the early morning hours. We prefer it small and intimate. That’s why we preserve to stop the pre-sale as soon as we’ve reached the maximum number of guests which we consider reasonable. Tickets and further info: www.7001festival.com
  • 18/7001 Festival - Flyer front