Monument Pres. Neel

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    Music: [VBC] Vibrance Music: Neel Organic lightshow: Henrik Nordahl
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  • Monument returns to Oslo with a premiere club night at Blå. For this special occasion we have invited Italian Neel, one half of Voices From The Lake - and one of the finest techno DJs of the past decade. To nurture all your senses and make the night complete, artist Henrik Nordahl will present a live organic light show and the French artist VBC [Vibrance] will warm- up the night. This will be the time and place where all of you can come as you are, dance as you wish, float with the music and be in a state of love and freedom. Artist info/mixes and tracks will be added to the facebook event periodically: Come early, and get ready for a sensational night. -- Don't know Monument? Visit our blog and follow our podcast. Our mission is to give people the best music from the worldwide techno scene and create a community of knowledge, love and engagement for this beautiful genre. BLOG: PODCAST: INSTAGRAM: -- And remember - there are no strangers at our parties. Just friends you haven't met yet.
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