Shelter; Amelie Lens, Juan Sanchez (Sold Out)

  • Friday 16/02 presale tickets SOLD OUT. Limited amount of tickets at the door. doorsale entry before 00:00: €10 line up -- Amelie Lens [ Second State ] Juan Sanchez [ Shelter Amsterdam ] For his next night in Shelter, Juan Sanchez has invited Belgian DJ/producer Amelie Lens. We're glad to welcome the techno adept - who has seen a near-incredible rise in recent years - for a night fueled with trembling percussion and unerring hooks. February artwork by Silica presale: SOLD OUT there will be doorsale for this event See you on the dance floor; __ Shelter is an inclusive club. We kindly ask you to help create an intimate and respectful atmosphere. The music and vibe are always the main focus - please refrain from photography or video recording to ensure the best experience for your fellow clubber. Lockers cost €2,-
  • Shelter; Amelie Lens, Juan Sanchez (Sold Out) - Flyer front