Papa Loko: Genderless with Impérieux, Othon, Candi Bianca, Tom & Jarrod

  • After a 3-month break, Papa Loko returns at Electrowerkz, offering a sonic bath of deep underground techno together with the concept of ‘Genderless’; the intention to transcend gender, sometimes outwardly, but more importantly, inwardly. As we all witness daily, our world is still primarily dominated by the masculine principal where impulsive and fiery actions, unmoderated by love and understanding, lead to unnecessary suffering and conflict. With Genderless and in the unlikely environment of a techno rave, we would like to remind ourselves that we all possess both masculine and feminine principals in us and that the only way to bring true progress and harmony, in ourselves and our environment, is by harmonizing and balancing these two polarities. As the esoteric traditions teach us, God is both the Divine Father and the Divine Mother. Yogis, shamanic cultures, alchemists and other carriers of sacred knowledge have embedded this truth in their legends and symbolism for hundreds, if not thousands, of years. By balancing our Sun and our Moon, our giving and receiving, our wisdom and understanding, we can reach exalted states previously unimaginable. For March, we have a very special guest, all the way from Bulgaria. Impérieux, is a super-fresh but fast-rising star in the techno scene with his first timeless EP ‘Consciously Isolated’ released on ATLANT RECORDINGS, featuring regularly on sets by Âme, Dixon, Trikk, Toto Chiavetta and Loko’s own Othon. His second release will also be by Atlant on February. Though Impérieux has been performing in renown venues such as Sysiphos and Keller in Berlin, this will be his first London appearance and UK premiere. Papa Loko’s founder, Othon, is known for both his transcendental techno sets and his shamanic electronica productions. A composer and a pianist, in addition to a dj & producer, he has performed his music in venues such as the Tate Modern and The Roundhouse (UK) and across Europe. He has collaborated with Wolfgang Tillmans, Marc Almond and other notable artists and has released 3 albums. Candi Bianca has been gracing Papa Loko with her deep tech pallet, on and off, since the party’s inception. Her music has been released by Traumwelten, Hydrogen Inc., Tales Records and other labels and see has played alongside Petar Dundov, Dominik Eulberg, Rone and Ryan Davis. Creative partners from London and Boston, Tom & Jarrod, will bring once more their cosmic, sexy, queer, multicultural faerie techno to Papa Loko. Previous appearances include the Queer Spirit Festival and Featherstone Castle. Line Up: Tom & Jarrod (11-12.30am) Candi Bianca (12.30-2.00am) Impérieux (2.00-4.00am) Othon (4.00-6.00am) ‘Loko Familia’ Ticket Policy Continues In our vision for a constantly evolving and utopian party experience, we are continuing to give the possibility to those who cannot afford to party with us a chance to do it. So, there will be an allocated number of 20 free tickets, which will be given to those of you who are truly not able to pay the minimum £10 advance entry from Resident Advisor (or the £8 early bird). Please let us know by message and we will try to help. Tickets: Advance: £10 (£8 Early Bird) Door: £15 Plus 20 allocated tickets for free entry: Please message us on Facebook if you genuinely cannot afford a ticket Photo (c) Lynette Luna
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