Rapid with Eclair Fifi

  • Good news all round on the Eclair Fifi front: she's starting a new label this year, and she's also holding down a quarterly residency at La Cheetah Club in 2018.
  • Shout to DABJ and Palms Trax for holding down the residency slots in 2017. 1st of 3 - 2018 resident announcements coming in RAPID… LuckyMe DJ, Artist, Illustrator and NTS Radio host, ECLAIR FIFI! We’re over the moon that she’s agreed to take control of 4 parties in the club this year, tied in with the launch of her new label ‘RIVER RAPID’ (coming soon). We’ve asked her to make these parties her own, so expect to see some live electronics and good pals join her in the booth throughout the year. Pt.1 sees Eclair settle in with an ‘all night long’ excursion through the depths of her record bag, setting the tone perfectly for the year ahead!
  • Rapid with Eclair Fifi - Flyer front