Classic Album Sundays Berlin presents Alice Coltrane 'Journey In Satchidananda´

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    Guest speaker: AYBEE (Deepblak) Presenter: Christine Kakaire
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  • + advance tickets are sold out + In February Classic Album Sundays Berlin will dig deep into the musical history of Alice Coltrane. Her album `Journey in Satchidananda` is a fusion of modal jazz, African and Indian blues, Middle Eastern music and drone music with Alice’s harp and piano playing at the forefront. Christine Kakaire and guest speaker Aybee (Deepblak) will provide the musical context and tell the story behind `Journey in Satchidananda`. This is followed by an uninterrupted vinyl replay of the album. Join us to talk about Alice Coltrane and to fully immerse yourself into her incredible music. 3:30pm open 4:00pm talk 5:00pm listening session 7:30pm end Please note this is a seated event with limited capacity. Presenter: Christine Kakaire - Christine is a music journalist & editor, and her words, work and voice can be found on Pitchfork, Red Bull Music Academy, Crack Magazine, Boiler Room, Ableton and Resident Advisor. Guest speaker: Aybee (Deepblak) - Releasing music under a wide range of monikers (Orion 70, o1o, Prof Delacroix) Producer/DJ/Filmmaker AYBEE (Armon Bazile) has garnered respect from all corners of the electronic music spectrum. With a versatility that is genre defiant AYBEE traverses Techno, House, Experimental, and Hip-Hop seamlessly while consistently pushing a forward leaning sound tinged with Soul. A product of Oakland, CA, AYBEE comes from a steep family tradition of music, innovation, and artistic exploration. Seeds planted by his New Orleans based grandfather who ran a small Jazz label, and uncle who ran a short lived disco imprint “Armour” in the late 70’s. It was the uplifting power of music, and dance that ultimately pushed AYBEE to embark on the exploration of himself as an artist in the early 00’s. In 2001 AYBEE launched Deepblak Recordings as a creative outlet for his music. Ultimately catching the attention of Legendary House DJ/Producer Ron Trent. This chance meeting led to Trent signing AYBEE to the iconic Prescription Records imprint and releasing his first 12”. Soon after AYBEE along with Trent would come together to co-found Prescription sub-label Future Vision. Never one to stand still AYBEE has gone on to establish himself as one of the most innovative and versatile producers. Alice Coltrane´s music was truly transcendental and this album is a great introduction to her mystical sound. Spirituality ran throughout her musical life from the time she started as a church organist and classical pianist before giving herself over to jazz as an expression of her own creativity. It was John Coltrane who opened the door even wider, as he taught her about Eastern religions and philosophies and encouraged her to meditate. On the album she is joined by saxophonist Pharoah Sanders, Cecil McBee and Charlie Haden on bass, Tulsi on tamboura, Vishnu Wood on oud, Majid Shabazz on bells and tambourine, and Rashid Ali on drums. The result of this amalgamation of sounds and instrumentalists is a truly deep, far out, transformative listening experience.
  • Classic Album Sundays Berlin presents Alice Coltrane 'Journey In Satchidananda´ - Flyer front