• Venue
    • Festae Omotesando Building B1F, 3-18-19 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062 Japan
  • Date
    Fri, 2 Feb 2018
    23:00 - 05:00
  • Promoter
  • Attending
    • 14
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    =Room1= Deetron (CH / Character) LAMB(Alive / Daytona) The Beautiful Noise (NESS) SIGNAL (ZEROGRAVITY / RELEASE) =ROOM2= RYUSUKE (TSP) Kamekawa (Daytona) KITKUT (ON AND ON) yoxnr Yo Nishijima
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  • 【 Jamiroquai、Todd Terjeも惚れ込む、ジャンルを超越するDJの中のDJ、Deetron!】 Todd Terje、Jose Padilla、Hercules & Love Affair、Seth Troxlerが惚れ込む才能!3台のタンテを使いこなし、その類い稀なる感性で繰り出されるミックススキルを武器に世界のあらゆる場所で開催されるフェスやクラブで絶大な存在感を示すDeetronがVENTに登場! 90年代のヒップホップに魅せられDJを始め、DJ DjaiminとJeff Millsのセットにインスパイアされた音楽少年は、スキルを磨き、やがて世界中のDJたちが尊敬の眼差しを送る今日のDeetronとなった。 プロデューサーとしてもオリジナリティー溢れる作品が評判となり、直近作ではSeth Troxler、Hercules & Love Affair、Ben Westbeechらを迎えて話題をさらった。またJamiroquai、Todd Terje、The Juan Maclean、George Fitzgerald、Jose Padillaなどからのリミックスオファーを受けるなどジャンルを超えて、彼の音楽センスに絶大な信頼を寄せるTOPアーティストが続出している。 Deetronの代名詞とも言える、バイナルを駆使した超絶DJプレイを、 都内屈指のサウンドシステムを誇るVENTで体感できるチャンスをお見逃しなく! Jamiroquai and Todd Terje fall for his talent, DJ of DJs Deetron!! Many great artists such as Todd Terje, Jose Padilla, Hercules & Love Affair, Seth Troxler and more fall for Deetron! Manipulating 3 turntables, his mixing skill is top notch! He has been hooking up to many of festivals and clubs around the world and showing his great presence. Attracted to 90s hip-hop, he started DJing, and soon after he got inspired by DJ Djaimin and eye-opening set by Jeff Mills, true skills built up from hours and hours of practice and dedication. Skip forward a couple of decades and that same young man is now idolized by a new generation of DJs and producers all over the world. Not only as a DJ but also as a producer, Deetron has been getting an attention for full of originality. For the latest work, he invited amazing artists such as Seth Troxler, Hercules & Love Affair and Ben Westbeech. Getting remix offer from top artists like Jamiroquai, Todd Terje, The Juan Maclean, George Fitzgerald and Jose Padilla, there is no single doubt that he has a great music talent. Vinyl is still an intrinsic part of his creative process, pledging wholehearted allegiance to his roots. This is the best chance to listen to Deetron’s play with the best quality sound at VENT!
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