CTM 2018 - Adrenalin / Endorphin

  • Bitte beachten: Eintritt ab 18 Jahre! | Please note: This is x-rated / 18+ An diesem Freitag widmet das CTM den gesamten Berghain-Dancefloor verschiedenen Arten von Gabber und Hardcore, von den Pionieren wie den Frankfurter Marc Arcardipane bis zu neueren Sounds von KABLAM. Während die hyperaktiven (und damit hyperwirksamen) Hochgeschwindigkeits-Gabber-Beats Turbulenzen auf der Tanzfläche hervorrufen wie kaum ein anderer Clubsound, war die Gabber-Szene in ihrem Kern stets weniger von Wut und viel von Zusammengehörigkeitsgefühl und sozialer Inklusion geprägt – Eigenschaften, die angesichts der politischen und sozialen Entwicklungen in letzter Zeit wichtiger sind denn je. Während unten also ganz auf Adrenalin gesetzt wird, strömt in der Panorama Bar das Endorphin. Zum Beispiel bei dem Set von DJ Bampa Pana & MC Makaveli aus Tanzania, Laurel Halo oder einem DJ/Live-Hybrid-Set der DFA-Produzentin Perel. x x x x x x x x x x ENGLISH x x x x x x x x x x The entire Berghain dancefloor will be devoted to exploring the different threads of gabber and hardcore, including pioneering and newer sounds. While the hyper-affective (and hence hyper-effective), high-velocity stabs of gabber elicit turmoil on the dancefloor like hardly any other club sound, at its core the gabber scene has always been less about rage and much more about togetherness and social inclusion – qualities which, in light of the political and social developments of late, are more important than ever. Representing the Dutch old-school rave scene will be Steve Sweet aka Darkraver, who first became famous for his flamboyant schtick behind the decks, which made use of props like batman costumes, wigs, and rubber hammers. Decades later, his sophisticated mixing skills and versatile taste still secure his mainstay status at raves and mega-events worldwide. Early hardcore colleague DJ Panic has toured the world with The Forze DJ Team (Paul Elstak, DJ Lars) and as part of duo, Hard Creation. Today he manages several hardcore labels, including Rotterdam Records, Neophyte Records, Forze Records, Terror Traxx, Seismic Records, and Tremble Tracks. German producer Marc Acardipane is generally credited as making the first proto-hardcore techno track as Mescalinum United, titled “We Have Arrived”. Working under various monikers and setting up the Planet Core Productions (PCP) label, he was also crucial in laying the groundwork for a variety of other hardcore techno styles and subgenres that have since emerged. KABLAM, who is known for her affiliations with collectives such as Janus and Staycore, will be one of the younger artists joining the night with a DJ set inspired by her love of this sound. New York’s Kilbourne uses “terrifying”, “aggro-fem” slammers with titles like “Witch Hunt” and “Men:Parasites” to reconnoitre and exorcise the haunted territories of trauma. Stockholm’s HAJ300 founded the female electronic music collective Drömfaculteten (Dream Faculty) and recently released the 200-bpm “Varfor sa du inget” (“Why Didn’t You Say Anything?”) on the young label Country Music, which “us[es] tempo and speed as the lens and tool through which to look at material desires and failures, post-industrial economies and workaday workings in a Full Geography…”. HDmirror creates cerebral club mash-ups celebrating and deconstructing trance breeds using a range of percussive timbres. The music holds up a mirror to tumult by mapping out the psychogeography of virtual madness and finding sonic equivalents to the swirling cacophony of online news feeds, gossip forums, memes, and blinking ads. Closing the night, Poland’s young crew of "rave revival" pranksters WIXAPOL S.A. will appear as a many-headed beast of DJs and dancers. The crew, which like its gabber & hardcore ancestors was founded “as a reaction to all that seriousness in the techno scene”, has gained traction quickly within their country’s conservative political & social climate. They come to CTM shrouded in a carnival-like www artillery of memes and all-caps irreverent monikers – as they put it, they’re "post-shame" when it comes to flaunting bad taste. On the same night in Panorama Bar, representatives of Tanzania’s Sisso Records come as ambassadors of new indefatigable, happy-hardcore-tinged sounds from the streets of Dar Es Salaam. This past June, Kampala-based enterprise Nyege Nyege Records, the same ones to host the project Nihiloxica, put out a compilation showcasing the output of Sisso Records. In this Berghain performance, Bampa Pana (one of Sisso’s main producers) will mix frantic beats with MC Makaveli spitting hi-velocity, rapid-fire chat on top. Upcoming producer Perel creates a hybrid DJ/live set of electro-tinged house in support of her upcoming album on DFA, Panorama Bar resident Lakuti celebrates house fundamentals, and Batu lays down the bass-heavy sound and fractured rhythms that propelled his fledgling Timedance label into FACT’s top 10 best labels in 2016. Laurel Halo will appear for a shapeshifting and uplifting DJ set. Founder of Berlin queer femme forward collective Room 4 Resistance, Luz will open the night with selections that range from funky tech to warm Chicago grooves to cold electro. Artwork Flyer Februar 2018: Peter Welz, http://www.peterwelz.com http://berghain.berlin/flyer/2018 http://berghain.berlin/events/2018-02
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