The Choogling & Bokeh Versions presents Snake Danse

  • The Choogling and Bokeh Versions presents SNAKE DANSE w/ Filter Dread, Jay Glass Dubs, Kinlaw & Bokeh Edwards £3 .50 in advance / £5 on the door. Tickets available at: =) ////// Filter Dread (DJ) [Codes, RAMP Recordings, UTTU, No Corner, Fresh 86] ////// Actively releasing music since 2012, Cambridge-based rave revisionist Filter Dread has navigated a mine-field of sonic mulch heavily soiled with throbbing bass lines, squelching sirens and mangled breaks all wrapped-up in a "mixtape style for cyber goons". Healthy portions of madcap mono-stoned 'ardcore madness ////// Jay Glass Dubs (Live) [Bokeh Versions, Ecstatic] ////// One of the leading lights of experimental dub electronics, Athens native and core member of the Bokeh All Stars. "One of the boldest new producers to broach the dub sphere in recent times, with a range of nods to shoegaze, darkwave synth styles and weightless dynamics" - Boomkat ////// Kinlaw (Live) [Ceramics, RAMP Recordings] ////// Ceramics label-head, blunted electronics mage and 24 hour photo developer - Kinlaw is one of Bristol's most closely guarded secrets. "Somewhere in that haze of tape and ganja that Hype Williams, DJ Screw, KGB Man, Dem Hunger et al inhabit" - Boomkat ////// Bokeh Edwards (DJ) [Bokeh Versions, NTS] ////// I just work Bokeh Versions, the label... "a one hour transmission where you are as likely to hear the visionary dub of Keith Hudson and the narcotized drawl of Leslie Winer as you are the organic machine music of Pierre Bastien"
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