Alchemy_bhx presents Blue Amazon & Zak Gee - Interpretations - Album Launch Event

  • ALCHEMY_BHX Presents Blue Amazon & Zak Gee | Interpretations | Album Launch Event 10 March 2018 - 22:00 till 06:00 Tunnel Club (Birmingham). Album Launch Event: 10 March 2018 - see's the premier launch event of the Blue Amazon & Zak Gee 'Interpretations’ Album (Se-Lek Musik) at the Tunnel Club (Birmingham) in association with Plethora Muzik (Birmingham). Release Info: The forth coming release on Se-Lek Musik is an exclusive Blue Amazon & Zak Gee digitally released concept album 'Interpretations'. It will be released in two parts during February/March 2018 featuring new original tracks & additional remixes by Blue Amazon & Zak Gee and accompanied with other artist remixes. Following the previous 'Interpretations' release in 2014 with Blue Amazon & Ian Ossia the album concept returns along side the outstanding production & DJ talent of - Zak Gee. The Interpretations project is very much a concept-album based on varying artist interpretations of the Blue Amazon & Zak Gee sound, forged together in a powerful and unique electronic exhibit. The Blue Amazon & Zak Gee pairing is one which has already created an energetic spark and unique energy, this can be already be heard on their prior remixes on Se-lek Musik as well recent tracks on Mirabilis records. All tracks showcased on this album are either a collection Blue Amazon / Zak Gee originals, remixes of other artists by Blue Amazon & Zak Gee and other artist interpretations of the Blue Amazon & Zak Gee sound. Line Up: Blue Amazon & Zak Gee Jimi Falconer Craig Pailing Music Policy: House | Progressive | Techno DJ'S Blue Amazon (UK) Se-Lek Musik Se-Lek Musik Website Soundcloud - Blue Amazon Bio: Blue Amazon (Lee Softley) is a name that has been associated with quality over the years with a number of classic tracks including “No Other Love” and “The Javelin Album”, including remixes for the likes of Sasha, Skunk Anansie, New Order, Madonna & most recently the new 'Teaser EP' on Pro B Tech Records, a collaboration with Alex Flatner and Robert Owens on Kling Klong Records (Germany), - Join In Love EP & Unite remixes on se-lek-Music and an abundance of remixes. His DJ style is very progressive in technical terms as he merges Techno, Progressive & Tech house in his own unique way. He's DJ’d worldwide amongst great artists such as Sasha, Digweed, Paul Van Dyk, Oliver Lieb, Arjun Vagale, Darren Emerson & Dave Seaman to mention a few. Venues have included Ministry Of Sound (UK), Bedrock (UK) , Renaissance (UK), Chinese Laundry (Sydney), Paradiso (Amsterdam), The Warehouse (Cologne Germany) , Fire & Ice (Mumbai India) and many more. Zak Gee (UK) Se-Lek Musik Beatport - Zak Gee Soundcloud - Zak Gee Bio: DJ and producer Zak Gee has the strong passion for house music. Originally from Skopje, FYROM He grew up listening to different music styles from old vinyls and cassettes of the family..s collection. The music he listened to varied from R&B to disco, and from soul to funk from the 80ies. In the 90's, Zak did the 'London thing' and moved to the notorious House city, London, where House music culture is probably the most influencing factor in his life...! His passion for music quickly led him to spin records (playing at some of the best London’s bars and clubs). Naturally his desire to play his own sounds pushed him to music production & producing national dance radio programs for highly respected Radio shows. His DJ sets offer an impeccable house / deep / funky/ tech-house selection ranging from upfront and cutting edge House, to more Progressive techno oriented tunes all designed to rock the crowds. Zak has been working hard on developing his own sound and decided to take up producing music to a more serious note and has put together his own studio (FunkBox Studio) where he can create authentic productions and an unmistakable risky/experimental Ibiza- House style, leading from grooving tech- and deep-house up to glamorous progressive and tough techno elements- always inspired by the island vibes. As a natural perfectionist and a dedicated hard worker, he keeps on producing mesmerizing music. Jimi Falconer (UK) Plethora Muzik Website - Plethora Muzik Soundcloud - Plethora Muzik Bio: Jimi’s style and approach to DJ'in is as upfront as it is challenging. He constantly aims to push the conventional musical boundaries to provide his sound. The last 20 years has seen his style evolve and develop into a deep progressive style. This transition has encompassed a range of genres from House through to Techno. By allowing the development and exploration of his mixes to expand and evolve, Jimi uniquely blends tracks that stimulate an audience, whilst taking them on a voyage that enables their total captivation and transportation. Mixes encompass luscious deep soundscapes, through to expansive dancefloor sounds derived from House through to Techno. Jimi's style of DJ'in requires the upmost determination and dedication, whilst striving to seamlessly transform tracks into one whilst maintaining their intended level of energy. He has successfully captivated audiences in the UK & Europe that are accustomed to driving techno, through to the deeper progressive and house venues. Jimi has been billed and played alongside some of the industries regulars including: Sasha, Blue Amazon, Craig Richards, Lee Burridge, D Ramirez, Funkagenda & many more. During 2016-17 Jimi Falconer created the label - Plethora Muzik. | Digital | Deep Progressive House/Tech imprint from Birmingham UK. Craig Pailing (UK) Soundcloud - Craig Pailing Bio: As an early raver, Craig was transported into the new world of dance music listening to the likes of Sasha, Carl Cox, Grooverider, Ian Ossia and Oakenfold, attending early rave events at The Eclipse, The Institute, Renaissance and Chuff Chuff. His love of dance music progressed into buying his own decks and spending hours on end, with his now wife, djing and travelling across the country chasing the vinyl that was not always available in his home town of Birmingham. Trips in those days entailed journeys to Easten Bloc in Manchester or Black Market Records down in London or in fact anywhere to get his hands on those rare promos. From ambient to hardcore no records were off limit and his back catalogue of vinyl would be the envy of many a DJ today. In 1994 Craig (and his wife Ra) got their first residency at Abigail's Nightclub (an after party for Sundissential) which led to guest slots at The Institute and also entertaining crowds djing on the now infamous River Severn all night boat trips. 25 years on Craig is still hunting down the best music in the industry and, although the music he plays now has changed from the early days of piano house and trance to progressive house and techno, he is not afraid to throw an oldie into his mixes to appease those old enough to remember! A set from Craig today includes deep melodic tech house with grooving base undertones. Being a perfectionist he aims to seamlessly transport the crowd from one record to the next. As a fan of the music as well as a being a DJ, Craig understands the crowd in front of him and aims to not only take the crowd on a journey but to join them. Additional Links/Contact: Se-Lek Plethora Tickets & Additional Event info from: Plethora Muzik | Digital | Deep Progressive Tech label | Birmingham | UK
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