Moods on Tuesdays

  • Moods is a monthly mix series where Techno fans and DJs can share and explore their favorite non-Techno. It's a space to show where we come from and why that matters. This is its official release party, where the DJs play techno but are encouraged to deviate to demonstrate their roots, origins, and stories. For more info on Moods, head to See Other is a staple voice in the Lobster Theremin crew hot off his recent Boiler Room set with the likes of DJ Seinfeld, Heidi Sabertooth, and Baltra. His EP Linda is a deep house wonderland with brooding, purring, chunk sample-based house rollers. He’s one of the brightest talents from the deeper and dustier side of house to emerge this last couple of years. Miguel Senquiz is a veteran DJ of the Brooklyn and Detroit scene. With Ghostly International, Senquiz has played from Output to Electric Pickle and held residencies from No Big Deal to Real Talk to Put in Werk. The son of a Quiet Storm radio DJ and manager of Industry (a ‘90s nightlife spot just outside Detroit that hosted early Industrial and Techno shows), Senquiz's tastes are imbued with a weighty soulfulness and polished-but-scuffed aesthetic. Endash is a Michigan native born between the sounds of Chicago and Detroit. He's self-released three EPs (Cyclical Tendencies or Round and Around, Damp, and a self-titled release), formerly ran the 74-member Michigan Electronic Music Collective, hosted over thirty events in the past two years alone, and is the current curator of Moods (, a monthly mix of non-Techno mixed by Techno fans. Lavici is a native of Atlanta but a master of warm, enveloping Detroit techno and disco. She's the current leader of the Michigan Electronic Music Collective, an organization that’s been funneling DJs into the greater dance music community for over 12 years. Hosting and organizing events from Ann Arbor to Detroit, she's known for elevating emerging female DJ talent as unwavering voices in the Midwest scene. Her first EP, Aeterna, will be released in early 2018.
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