shitlabel at Mensch Meier / 3 Floors

  • The now and the endlessness - blended into our natural surroundings you can fade in or out. Feel human, be the diverse version of yourself and breathe. Stroll on 3 floors, listen to techno, house or hip hop & dub and choose your poise. transform - mutate - regain SHITLABEL @ MENSCH MEIER STORKOWER STR. 121 / 10407 Berlin 11:55 PM / 3 FLOORS BLACK ANTHEM RESTORE (shitlabel) DUNGEON ACID *live* (zodiac 44 / hoga nord records) ELBEE BAD (rush hour / gigolo records) ESTHER DUIJN (another earth / coincidence records) INTERGALACTIC GARY (intergalactic fm / viewlexx) INVERSE ELEMENT (shitlabel) MAGNA PIA (arcing seas / counterchange) META (serendubity) THAT FUCKING SARA (hip hop berlin)
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  • shitlabel at Mensch Meier / 3 Floors - Flyer front