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  • NONCOMPLIANT For over 20 years, Indianapolis' NONCOMPLIANT (aka DJ SHIVA) has brought a multitude of techno flavors to dancefloors far and wide. From the deepest to the darkest techno, she is a purveyor of variety in both music and technique. Her blends, track selection and stage presence reflect her years of experience in the Midwest rave scene and far abroad. Shiva's technical skills on the decks are highly respected, but her truest talent lies in her knack for contrast and composition. From her latest productions on Valence and Flash Recordings, to her recent European tour culminating at Berlin's Berghain, Noncompliant is expanding her sonic reach and bringing her energetic take on techno to audiences everywhere. TURTLE BUGG From Brooklyn, NY, TURTLE BUGG has the grimy fingers of a hard-digging vinyl-only DJ who specializes in the murkiest depths of house music unearthed from mysterious catacombs. In his beats and grooves one can hear the undying spirit of the great house originators, mixing acidic jack tracks, gospel-tinged garage, funk, disco and soulful techno all with the same gusto and exuberance. For Turtle Bugg, it's all about the keeping the party fun, hyped and grooving non-stop. >> ———————————————————————————— Noncompliant aka DJ Shiva [ Noncompliant - Valence I Argot I Flash - Indianapolis, USA ] Turtle Bugg [ Sublimate I Basement Floor I NYC ] >> ———————————————————————————— Saturday > FEB 3 Rochester > NY [10PM - 4AM] 21+ w/ID Lights By : Gnosis Powered By : JWI