Festival In The Nature Part.4

  • FESTIVAL IN THE NATURE PART.4 When you arrive in the midlle of a forest in bulgarian countryside and it's beatiful in there. The music have this power to lift you and everyone around. "Luca" -- Maglizh is a small and beautiful town in the foothills of the Balkan Mountains, near our home town, Stara Zagora. The place, where Festival In The Nature will be held is located in a beautiful forest, not too far away from breathtaking sights, such as the ‘Stone river’ and the ‘Maglizh Waterfalls’. -- Illustration by Stalker 93 19.07.2018 Cinnamint ¬ StefaK ¬ Stefan Goldmann 20.07.2018 Antoni Andonov ¬ Enzo Siragusa ¬ Factuaw ¬ Hristomir ¬ Peppou 21.07.2018 г. Avgustin ¬ Anton Pau ¬ Alexandar Kyosev ¬ Barac ¬ Dimitri Monev ¬ Kiril Dimchev ¬ Pe.tyo ¬ Prŭskalo Ensämble ¬ Svet ¬ Gentle Dub For accommodation info write here: [email protected] Design by Artbox88