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  • ***Online tickets sold out*** ***50 tickets available £10 OTD*** > Shelley Parker - Hardcore bass frequencies. Structure/Opal/Houndstooth. > Shiva Feshareki - Award-winning electric turntable performance. > Typeface - Conceptual driven electronic music. > Ario - Deep rhythms and soundscapes. > Loraine James & Louis Shambles - Reactive light system, math rock electronica. > Joel McMordie - Digital and physical feedback loops. > William Primett - Kinesthetic empathy with virtual agents. > Edgar Titterton - Non-linear narratives, alternative space. > Mang - Contemporary cyberpunk & CCRU narratives. > Keiken Collective - Constructed reality, a virtual networked space. In 1970 the futurist Alvin Toffler defined the term futureshock as the psychological state of individuals and societies exposed to what he called ‘too much change in too short a period of time.’ At Futureshock we will consider how much is too much and explore the current boundaries between humans and technology. By creating an immersive multi-sensory experience we hope to question the effects of constant multiple digital stimuli in our daily lives. Futureshock Artists and Performers: Shiva Feshareki Winner of the 2017 BASCA British Composer Award for Innovation, is an experimental classical composer, radio presenter and turntablist of British-Iranian heritage. Her work explores the sound of electricity through a wide range of practises and collaborative processes. Feshareki’s turntable performances combine old-school garage and d’n’b with the delicacy and complexity of deep minimalist composers such as Pauline Oliveros and James Tenney. In 2017, Shiva performed with her turntables at Montreal’s Mutek festival and at London’s Tate Modern as part of a series curated by NTS Radio, the station on which she hosts her monthly show ‘New Forms’. Turntabling is also a signature element of her compositional work, which explores the physicality of sound in relation to light and movement. Most recently, in ‘GABA-analogue’ (2017), Shiva employed space as a compositional tool to create a surround-sound orchestra inside London’s Printworks nightclub. Shiva continues to work on site-specific compositions, while refining her live remixing skills and love of improvisation through performance. https://www.shivafeshareki.co.uk/ Shelley Parker Bass frequencies, live audio feeds and found sounds are recurring themes in Shelley Parker’s performance, installation and music production. In 2003, two years after her DJ debut at the club night Nerd, she was invited to join the Haywire agency alongside Andrew Weatherall, Radioactive Man and Magda. Her distinctive style, encompassing elements of old school hardcore, noise, techno and electro has led to DJ sets in venues as diverse as Fabric and Tate Britain. Since 2007 she has run the label and events programme Structure. As well as releasing the Power Station EP and Spurn Point album on her own label, her solo work and remixes have come out on Acre, Adaadat, Bulletdodge, Comfortzone, Emetic, Entr’acte, Myzuk, Opal Tapes and Wotnot. She has also contributed to the Wire Magazine’s Below the Radar series with Drill and her track Spectral from the album Spurn Point appears on Boomkat’s 14tracks series. Her music production has received wide support from artists such as Ontal, Sturqen, Nic Bullen, Manni Dee, Richard Norris, The Black Dog and Ancient Methods. http://www.shelleyparker.co.uk/ Typeface Typeface is the conceptual driven electronic music project of London based SM-LL label founder Martin J Thompson. Most popular tracks for #repetition #repetitive #reference #reduction #annoying #London #hardware #Ensoniq DP4+ #Dynacord #QX1 #DX7 #TR606 #agile #Nord Modular G1 #SH101 #techno #iconic sounds #iconic ways #minimal #SM-LL #machines #Atari #90s #dub #TB303 #duplication #replication #cover version #black William Primett William is back with us for a new live performance, Metamorphology, inspired by an ongoing study into kinesthetic empathy with virtual agents. William has developed a system that extracts biometric features from video footage and has scraped the depths of YouTube to obtain a vast library of movement data. By combining machine learning algorithms with features described in Müller and Laban movement philosophies, we can learn more about our perception of physical expression when mapping data in the sonic domain. The composition forms a subtle narrative, exposing intricacies of the human body that we often take for granted. wprimett.github.io Lorraine James & Louis Shambles AV show North London native Loraine James is an up-and-coming electronic artist/ producer influenced by artists such as Aoki Takamasa, Telefon Tel Aviv and Toe. She effortlessly blends electronica and math rock with whispers of jazz and post-rock, all wrapped up in the artist’s avant-garde aesthetic and sensibility. With a minimal use of equipment, Loraine crafts truly breathtaking textures from simple means, transcending technological constraints to make anything from ambient off-kilter beats to four-to-the-floor vocal sample-driven techno/house. http://lorainejames.bandcamp.com/ Louis Shambles has a passion for reactive and interactive light systems. Having designed lighting installations for several events and festivals, his sculptures enhance the atmosphere of the space. For Futureshock, Shambles is developing an original lighting system to compliment Loraine James’ work. Joel McMordie A sound artist based in Belfast, having run a long-running series of experimental music nights, his work is made up of improvised performances using feedback loops, noise and no-input mixing. He experiments with both digital and physical sound sources and effects. https://joelmcmordie.bandcamp.com/ Ario Closing off for us, Ario, label-head of Astral Industries. With origins linking back to Iran, London-based Ario is a practitioner of deep and inquisitive music - both as a DJ and label curator. Depending on context, he traverses the lines and forms between ambient and heavier, club-ready styles. Speaking with an emotive sensitivity, there is a certain self-awareness that permeates his crafted soundscapes, which are as much drone-inspired as they are psychedelic and nature driven. https://soundcloud.com/astralindustries Edgar Titterton An emerging artist based in London with a multidisciplinary practice that engages with its immediate environment. Through the careful manipulation of audio-visual mediums, he creates immersive installations that provide an alternative to the actuality of the spaces they inhabit. His current work is concerned with the spatialisation of light, and the creation of non-linear narratives that invite onlookers into his spaces. Edgar will be premiering two new works: ‘Old Obscurities (Chrysalides)’; and ‘(Mirrored Forms) - Soft are the folds of its stomach/ the flesh in its walls/ the lustre of its skin.’ Fingal Ashford Fingal Ashford, known as Mang, is a musician and sonic artist, his work heavily influenced by science fiction and contemporary digital narratives. For Futureshock, Mang will be exhibiting an AV piece exploring cyberpunk & CCRU narratives, fusing tropes from other speculative realities to explore dialogues surrounding humans & technology. Keiken Collective @MotherDigital takes you on a journey into the very heart of the nature of consciousness. @MotherDigital is a constructed reality occupying a virtual networked space, a realm in which archetypes are used as a means to unravel the futures, ramifications and introjections of our accelerating technological age. https://www.facebook.com/keikencollective/ Edited - Hologram returns.
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