Elrow - Psychedelic Trip

  • The world's wackiest party comes to Berlin for the first time.
  • Welcome to elrow, the world’s most insane party! Imagine bursts of light and colour, trapeze artists soaring through the air as a flood of confetti pours from the sky, eclectic props and toys, elaborate set design, the pulse of thousands of revellers dancing to the beat of the best house and techno DJs in the world, accompanied by a cast of stilt walkers and performance artists to help push the wildness over the edge. THE WINNING FORMULA! We’re a massive escape-valve for the seriousness of life. A jam-packed roller-coaster of pure smiles running wild. Every ses- sion is a magical, collaborative world; blending music, amazing props, street theatre and zany costumes into a unique melting pot of laughter and craziness. We get people dancing their feet off in absurd, multi-coloured carnivals of epic fun, where performers and the public come together in glorious, never-ending explosions of pure happiness. Thanks for being part of it all and for spreading massive doses of love and joy show after show. MUSIC: Music is a key part of the elrow experience and as such, it needs to be fun. We work with the best underground house and techno DJs from across the globe as well as up and coming artists to create the perfect balance and atmosphere and keep the dancefloor in full swing from start to finish. DECORATIONS: Our aim is to create a dreamland. A fully immersive and experien- tial environment where people can lose themselves in another world. We have full time staff working at a warehouse on the outs- kirts of Barcelona making our costumes, decorations, inflatables... everything. We make everything ourselves. Everything. PERFORMERS The inclusion of street theatre groups, actors who unexpectedly mix and perform among the public, is calculated with precision. The groups are free to invent the performances, which range from go-go dancers to costume giants dancing among the crowd on stilts, to a flock of human birds flapping their wings along the most remote corridors. YOU The key of everything is that the people are the party. The music is important of course but the DJ is not the party, the people are. Our goal at every party is to have the performers and the people be one and the same.
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