SUN Festival Special pre-Party in Dublin

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    Oleg (Solar United Natives) - HUN Cheeky (Solar United Natives) - HUN Organic Joy (Galactic Groove Records) - BRA JuliosMap (Psychedelic Gaff/Oggy Club) - BRA
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  • Oggy Psy Club Dublin & Psychedelic Gaff are joining forces to collaborate with Solar.United.Natives (S.U.N. Festival) and bring a bit of the beautiful vibe of this festival to Dublin. One of the fews that still true to the real meaning of goa trance. SUN Festival is one of the most know festivals in Europe dedicated to the Psychedelic Trance Culture taking place between the 19th to 22th July of 2018 in the amazing location of Csobánkapuszta in Hungary. Is a very special one for try to put up the idea of a community festival. This year the pre-party in Dublin will happen earlier in the year for those who still planning the summer have the chance to buy tickets for the festival for only €55. If you want you can also became a membership of the festival and get a lifetime free entry in all their events. More infos on their website: Tickets for SUN Festival 2018: or ______________________________________________________ DECORATION by Oggy Psy Club Dublin UV FACE PAINTING DIGITAL ART/DESIGN by DP - Graphic Designer & Guitarist ______________________________________________________ More about the DJs Oleg Cheeky Deep basslines, dynamism, emotions, this sums up the sound of Cheeky, who’s been in touch with music since her childhood. She’s been studying music in school for 8 years and has played on 4 instruments so far. Then came the teenage years with revolt, and she started her career as a DJ over 17 years ago in Szeged, often labeled as the City of Sunshine. Besides the surrounding smaller cities she has also performed in festivals, in Budapest and in other countries also. She has performed in almost all of the dance clubs of Budapest. Her favourite genre is breakbeat, she’s kind of a front-rank performer locally. Besides breakbeat, she’s collecting drum&bass, tech-house, techno, electro and house vinyls and cds too. Some years ago she connected to a Psychedelia crew as a goa dj, and nowadays she is helping to organize the S.U.N. festival. These days she is playing mostly Techno and Goa which her fans like the most to hear. Check out what she can and let us know if you like it! Organic Joy Brazilian artist based in Ireland, has attended 10 years of psytrance parties and have been playing in the biggest psytrance festivals in Ireland for the last few years. From melodic progressive psytrance to Night Full on, he presents beautiful and strong tunes throughout his set. JuliosMap Julio aka JuliosMap began his contact with electronic music at 15 years old in Brazil when he made a DJ course and soon fell in love for it. For a few years varied his style between Electro, Minimal and Techno, in 2011 after his first festival dedicated to the psytrance culture began to explore the fastest BPM`s in his mixes. He has a characteristic style exploring progressive psytrance and its variations, playing without rules and making his mixes a moment where he can enjoy doing what he loves to do, always transmitting a lot of energy to the dancefloor. More about Solar United Natives (S.U.N. Festval) Solar United Natives is a virtual community on one hand, with members all around the world, and a small but growing community in a green valley of northern Hungary (land of previous S.U.N. Festivals) and in the surrounding villages. The idea grew out of the Hungarian Goa scene, but it aims to do more then merely presenting a big festival every year – the profit from the events goes back to developing a sustainable community.
  • SUN Festival Special pre-Party in Dublin - Flyer front
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