Jayda G & Pender Street Steppers

  • Expect everyone on the dance floor to be smiling broadly from start to finish.
  • On the 26th of January two of Canada's finest grace the intimate space of the Hare & Hounds and we're very excited! Jayda G, 'the disco house queen black girl magic' (as introduced in her Dekmantel Boiler Room set) is one of those DJs who everyone needs to see; in the flesh! Energetic, passionate... hell, the girl's even been interviewed by Vogue about her hair. Co-founding Freakout Cult with DJ Fett Burger and releasing numerous REALLY good tracks on the label, she's a woman of many talents. Jayda's only just got started too - we can't begin to imagine where she'll be this time next year! Pender Street Steppers aka Mood Hut aka Jack J (yep, THE Jack J) and Liam Butler are a real musical powerhouse. Their record label, Mood Hut, is responsible for putting Vancouver on the map as a home for innovative and completely unique sounding dance music. The Steppers' own productions are unlike anything you've ever heard - textured, sensual, and something else that probably can't be put into words, but can be felt. They're excellent DJs, too - as a craft, there's not many better, and as music selectors, they know exactly what works when. Expect to hear a set you've never heard before, and will probably never hear again.
  • Jayda G & Pender Street Steppers - Flyer front