Houghton Festival 2018

  • The inaugural Houghton was a perfect storm of excellent music, breathtaking surroundings and minimal phone signal. For 2018, they'll look to build on year one without deviating too far from the winning formula.
  • “By presenting music, art and a promised experience in an honest and restrained way meant those four days in Norfolk last year were not only magical but they were believable. The setting proved to be nothing but perfect. Our aim is to build on the foundations of last year’s success, but instead of growing we’re sticking to the story with minor improvements and a strong belief in the initial concept. Artists, DJ’s and musicians will be presented with meritocracy and equality. Everyone who performs will be given a chance to shine and everyone who attends will be treated to the best of everything.” - Craig Richards The first of the 2018 line-up announcements welcomes back a swathe of the finest underground talent, including rising stars and established veterans drawn from all corners of the scene. Ricardo Villalobos, Andrew Weatherall, Seth Troxler, Nicolas Lutz, Ben UFO, Ivan Smagghe, Roman Flügel, Joy Orbison, Magda, Sonja Moonear, Optimo, Margaret Dygas and Midland are just some of the leading DJs returning in 2018. Joining the house and techno contingent, we find Zip, Objekt, Prosumer, Call Super, Pearson Sound, Jane Fitz, DJ Fett Berger, The Mole, Luca Lozano, Barac, Intergalactic Gary and Shanti Celeste all making their Houghton debut in 2018. The alternative sounds of Houghton are as faultless as ever. Mr Scruff, Vladimir Ivkovoic, Jonny Rock and Mixmaster Morris return, and Idjut Boys, Ruf Dug and Nick The Record debut. Andrew Weatherall and Sean Johnson bring their ALFOS party to Norfolk for the first time. Plus disco sets will be in the abundance from the likes of Colleen 'Cosmo' Murphy, Felix Dickinson, Psychemagik, Rob Mello, Dave Harvey and Horse Meat Disco. Forward thinking bass and electronic sounds from Calibre, dBridge and Appleblim extend the musical programme yet further. Placing an emphasis on live music from across the spectrum, Houghton has a musical palette that covers everything from electro and techno to the alternative sounds of the Middle East. From the pioneering Monolake, the experimental ambient music of Smagghe & Cross, Claro Intelecto’s dubby techno, the fabulous (and Norfolk local) Nathan Fake, through to the return of the electronics wizard Mathew Jonson, the superb Radioactive Man, and not forgetting Emperor Machine, and the legendary DMX Krew, Houghton has the live electronic side of things sown up. Joining the party, there are live shows from New York’s finest Midnight Magic, and all the way from Beirut are the headline grabbing alternative sounds of the rapidly emerging Mashrou’ Leila. The food, wellbeing and, of course, art and sculpture programme will be revealed shortly. Houghton Estate also hosts a special exhibition from Damien Hirst this summer with some of his most recognisable sculptures installed in the gardens. We look forward to you joining us again for another memorable year. Boutique camping and camper van passes will be on sale from the 1st March. Houghton
  • Houghton Festival 2018 - Flyer front