Trouble Vision with Matthew Herbert, Skatebård & O'Flynn

  • A truly intriguing lineup of dance music mavericks at Corsica Studios.
  • Trouble Vision kicks off 2018’s late nights with an invigorating lineup built to come out of hibernation to. Sensorial adventures come courtesy of Matthew Herbert, Skatebård and O'Flynn. Matthew Herbert is a true innovator in the scene who has consistently kicked at the outer reaches of electronic exploration, tinkered with it’s mechanics and flipped it on its head. As manifesto writer, big band leader, DJ and producer, Herbert has remained as a trail blazer within the UK's electronic landscape and it is an immense pleasure to welcome him down to Corsica Studios. Regular Trushmix contributor, CEO of Digitalo Enterprises and Norway’s funkiest export, Skatebård boards the bus bringing along some killer party tunes and left of center prime cuts. Emotive, neo-Italo, Scando-cosmic throw-downs are set to collide with dubbed out sub club wonder mixes for a ride into the depths of the discotheque. O’Flynn finishes off the bill bringing a clattering of energy, organic beats and fiery tracks set to scorch the floor, joining Trouble Vision residents Park Ranger and OK Jones. Here we go 2018, let’s be having you.
  • Trouble Vision with Matthew Herbert, Skatebård & O'Flynn - Flyer front