Raw LXI with Captain Knuckles & Sikztah

  • - Will the accused please stand up! - sigh, the sound of chains ringing, the grating of the moving chair. - The court has given judgment. According to the accusation, Mr Knuckles, Captain, a criminal with a well-documented terrible history of aggressive sound abuse, and Mr Sikztah, convict, on the 15th of December, 2017, planned to take over the institution of AETHER, causing the rest of the detainees to flee. They have planned to execute the plan at the time when the guards’ shift changes, at 11pm sharp. It was also planned in detail to use the corridors’ F1 sirens as sonic weapons, in order to fully overrun the whole building. According to the verdict regarding Aether's 2nd Birthday: the ‘RAW’ is guilty. Judgment is promulgated by Adx Bail: 1000HUF until 24:00, then 2000 HUF
  • Raw LXI with Captain Knuckles & Sikztah - Flyer front