Freakquency and Dilate presents - DeFeKT

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    DeFeKT Oli Drakeford (Live) Freakquency residents Dilate residents
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  • That's right, internationally renowned and respected DeFeKT will join us Freakquency & Dilate for our second all Irish party on the 29th of December in The Sound House (upstairs of The Wiley Fox) to bring you a 2hr all vinyl Dj set. Expect only the good stuff. Taster of what happened last time DeFeKT played exclusively in Dublin: So don't be afraid to go completely over board on the roast Turkey and Cadbury selection boxes on Christmas day. You'll be more than able to dance off all the stuffing and Curly Wurlies on the 29th. €8 cheaplist for the first 50 people through the door who comment "I'll be doing wheelies at DeFeKT". €10 OTD
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