Planetarium with Josh Dunn, Justin Carter, Eamon Harkin and Huerco S Live

  • Planetarium is our immersive experience dedicated to the music we love that's not for the dance floor. We clear the floor between our custom hi-fi speakers for you to bring pillows, blankets, sleeping bags or anything else you'd like to make yourself comfortable. Lie on the floor, stretch out on the couch, pull up a chair and get lost in music. We only do a handful of reservations so that there's plenty of room to spread out, so advance tickets are a good idea. Tonight is our first ever Planetarium at Nowadays. While our speakers are often used for dance parties, we asked Shorty, our friend who designed the system, to keep hi-fi listening in mind. We've lain on the floor ourselves a number of times in the lead-up to our opening and can attest: it's just as captivating for listening as it is for getting down. Eamon Harkin, Justin Carter and Planetarium's new resident, Josh Dunn, a lifelong music lover and record digger whose tastes are perfectly suited to meandering, mesmerizing musical journeys, will DJ throughout the night. Their sets will be punctuated by live performances from Brian Leeds aka Huerco S. Brian's ambient album, For Those Of You Who Have Never, And Also Those Who Have, has been aired at many a Planetarium. It's an honor to have him set the vibe in person. Drinks are available at the bar, and until our kitchen opens in mid-January, you can bring your own food or order it from a local spot. We have all the creature comforts that you might otherwise need inside so you never have to leave the bubble we're creating. An important note: after doing a few of these sessions, we've realized that the night works best when everyone keeps their voice down. It's certainly okay to chat with friends, but please keep all conversations outside of the main speaker area. When you're outside of the speakers, just make sure you're quiet enough that only the person you're talking to can hear you. We're looking forward to getting lost in music with you.
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  • Planetarium with Josh Dunn, Justin Carter, Eamon Harkin and Huerco S Live - Flyer front