Indoor Opening Night: Bearcat, Precolumbian and Night Doll

  • We can't believe it's true. The dream we've been working on for some five years has become a brick-and-mortar reality. It’s been built out, inspected from floor to ceiling, outfitted with custom sound, and now it’s time for the most important part: opening the doors and inviting you to come and get down. To break in our dance floor for the very first time, Bearcat, Night Doll and Precolumbian are supplying the tunes. Part of the Discwoman collective, Kerrie Ann Murphy was born in London and DJs, produces and composes as Bearcat; Night Doll is known for blending global sounds with everything from Detroit techno to underground Philly club and hip hop; and Chaska Sofia, aka Precolumbian, is a Philadelphia-based DJ, musician and cultural creator whose work focuses on empowerment and decolonization. All three are amazing selectors. Let’s dance.
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  • Indoor Opening Night: Bearcat, Precolumbian and Night Doll - Flyer front