Diversity with San Proper & Roy Davis Jr

  • In 2017 eroberten Phonograph Music mit ihrer Diversity Party Reihe die Clubs Europas. Natürlich lassen sich die griechischen House Afficionados es sich nicht nehmen das Jahr mit einem herausragenden Programm zwischen Deep House , House und Disco gebührend zu verabschieden. Am 30.12. laden sie in die Grießmühle ein um mit Roy Davis Jr & San Proper einen tosenden Jahresausklang zu feiern. Roy Davis Jr. is, in no uncertain terms, a legendary DJ and producer from Chicago who has helped to define electronic music. His self titled soul-electronic sound is a hybrid of garage, disco, r&b, house, hip hop and soul and it has graced everything from underground imprints to major league labels since way back in the 1990′s, including the likes of Defected, Strictly Rhythm, King Street Sounds, XL Recordings and Universal, Sony and Warner Brothers. San Proper is a very strong character, and that always rubs off in his many musical endeavours. He is a famously unpredictable DJ who lays down party starting sets of house and disco, electro, afro and acid. He is also a charismatic live performer who places his own vocals and instrument playing skills at the centre of his show, whilst various bits of hardware and digital toys flesh out the grooves. And lastly, he is also an esteemed producer of often feral house and techno sounds on quality labels like Rush Hour and Perlon.
  • Diversity with San Proper & Roy Davis Jr - Flyer front