Druffaloma X

  • Druffaloma X - aka Twoffaloma - 2 years of Druffalo at Paloma Steady as she goes. Two years ago, in the foggy post holiday haze between Christmas 2015 and New Year 2016, the Druffalo franchise reached for the reset button and opened a new chapter by putting on the first Druffaloma party at Paloma. The city had just slowed down from the festive season for that moment: a couple of lazy days it needs to take a breath. That moment we saw as a good slot to set up a new course, playing 70s/80s disco and soulful music, music everybody enjoys to the max. The result was one of the most successful regular parties at Paloma. As the year 2017, the 10th anniversary of Druffalo, draws to a close, we will celebrate 2 years of Druffaloma with very proud and sweaty disco slash 70/80s dance music on the top floor with the original Bitter Men boys Finn and Kummi evoking the sound and the feeling of great havens of hedonism like the Garage and the Saint, while on the cosy floor downstairs we will have 3 of the finest of the Berlin Soul Mafia, Tiger-Dan, Friedemann Klock and Soul'd Up's Hendrik Irmscher playing the other end of the spectrum of soul music. Fitting to our 10th anniversary this is the 10th party at Paloma, thus we call it Druffalo X (X is Roman for 10 ...and there will be loads of X-rated stuff going on in front, behind and on the decks). upstairs sweet disco djs w/ microphone and beer downstairs 60s/70s rare soul djs w/ beer
  • Druffaloma X - Flyer front