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    DJ Ciderman Galactic Jackson The Donna Smith Experience Rob Gordon Johannes Wunderlich
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  • Join us for a journey back to the future of the disco beat, uncensored love and a place where all sins remain under mirror balls, strobelights and glitter. For the first edition, the service will be led by the following cardinals: ☩ DJ CIDERMAN [This Is Our Time] ☩ With a string of successful releases under his Route 8 alias, we will explore the more unknown side of this talented producer and DJ. The urge to express his disco-self crystalized in the form of a new record label dedicated to the genre: ‘ This Is Our Time ‘ with his track 'Summer Groove' listed in Mixmag's 'Best of 2017' list. https://youtu.be/yvaMj5g91HE https://soundcloud.com/les-yeux-orange/lyo091-dj-ciderman-aka-route-8 ☩ GALACTIC JACKSON [Bordello A Parigi | Ballacid records] ☩ Hungary’s best kept secret space traveller. Part of the legendary Bordello A Parigi crew Galactic Jackson spends endless nights digging for the finest and rarest of records. His collection of vintage synthesizers at his Ballacid studio is a pilgrimage site for gear freaks. He will grace us with a delicate selection of italo and space disco from his incredible collection. https://youtu.be/8DBYpI33pGY https://soundcloud.com/galacticjackson Disco Církev archbishops: ☩ THE DONNA SMITH EXPERIENCE ☩ With a particularly successful career in the West Coast during the 70s she released a number of singles until her addiction got the best of her. Donna’s life remained a mystery until her lost recordings were rediscovered at a flea market in Prishtina. A private detective found her residing in a small apartment in the hills of Buda where she's NOW living as a man and dedicating her time to painting portraits of chihuahuas. She will grace us with a special DJ set of vocal-driven disco, funky basslines and super-groovy drumbeats. ☩ ROB GORDON ☩ An unfamiliar entity that can be summoned at places that contain black glitter and neon. A radio dj, record store owner, and musician who has just woken up from a drug induced coma he fell into during the 80s. Being a part of the 60s pirate radio stations offshore the uk, his record collection is extensive to say the least. Be ready to experience a selection of strict dark italo disco beats, synth pop, 16th note basslines and machine rhythms. ☩ JOHANNES WUNDERLICH ☩ In 1973, a boy was born under the mirrorball of Dresden’s Disko:Wunderbar Klub. Raised by the colourful prophetic disco sounds of the 70s and 80s, he is a creation of the time where disco ruled the world. Touring the world at age 12, playing bass in his band ‘Boogie Bracelet’ in almost every corner of the planet, his ever-growing vinyl collection is something that can only be accessed when the moon is in its strongest phase, and at Disco Cirkev, it will be. JOIN DISCO CÍRKEV, WHERE THE DARKNESS HAS NEVER BEEN SO BRIGHT ✞
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