Bi:Chromie 2.0 - Bear'lin Station Invites 5ens

  • Bi:Chromie 2.0 - Bear'lin Station invites 5ENS For the second time, the two Swiss squads 5ENS and Bear'lin Station team up again for the second Bi:Chromie. Following the success of the first edition which took place in the legendary Weetamix (Halle W Genève), the Swiss concept migrates to Berlin on December 2nd. Bear'lin Station present their new resident, STRISC. mysterious and talented DJ of FLASH Recordings, Florian Meindls Techno label. Introversion is the very promising young talent of ARTS. Melancholic, industrial and melodic are the perfect adjectives for his productions. The talented producer Ermatik will come with a aggresive techno set that will show you his audacious and meticulous productions skills. Z3nars specialty is his virtuosity, shown in a hybrid live set. The melodious Jacksmin and the juicy Bukkake will represent Helvetic Techno. The 5ENS have proven themselfs at the famous Montreux Jazz Festival last summer. The pillar of the crew known as ManuHeme, foounder of InFXted Records he imposes his shamanic style for hypnotic and powerful sets loaded with a dark and brutal EBM. The secound half of the crew are Acousmie. As managers of their own label, The Limbiic System Records, they inspire themselfs from a lot of different styles of techno music to transcend their audience during each live set and will plunge the crowd into their raw techno universe.
  • Bi:Chromie 2.0 - Bear'lin Station Invites 5ens - Flyer front