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  • beatrausch is serving the berlin crowd for over 10 years now. What started as a party outlet for friends evolved into a eventguide-esque blog, and at times videopodcast or radio but always a very enthusiastic event promoter. Since 2014 beatrausch is hosting events at ://about blank, so it was clear that the next birthday will be going on in the former kindergarden as well. Last years magnificent vibe of friends, fans and heroes sharing one special night together is still with us and makes us feel so blessed and happy looking forward to the 11th anniversary. Be sure that we found a way to top the last billing although it had almost all of our favourite acts that we worked with during the last years and appreciate for what they are doing. 2017 brought us Sound Stream who celebrated his own birthday with us, Cuthead who again followed our invitation. And not to forget the Bass heavy vibes on the MDF floor with Leibniz, Phon.O and Uta. This year we are honouring ://about blank resident RESOM with a peaktime extended set on the lobby floor, introduced by her good friend LUX. The both will play a short b2b as a transitions between their sets. The closing is left to none other than Hamburgs deep-house maestro LAWRENCE. As for us electronic music is not only one house and one techno-floor, the MDF will be shook down by berlins finest bass ambassador SARAH FARINA of the rec room crew who will warm up for ANDI TOMA of Mouse on Mars, one of her personal heroes. One of our most favourite producers with releases on shtum, rat life and chiwax is CREDIT 00, who followed our invitation to perform a DJ set. The closing is left for NATASCHA KANN who is always mixing without boundaries - techno, acid, electro, house, Natascha got it all, and we are happy to share the moring with her musical selection. As it is not all over till it is over, we left the morning afterhour to REZNIK of keinemusik, one of our longest friends and residents and his good pal GOOD GUY MIKESH. Both will play a b2b set on the tent floor where BASCO aka Sascha Uhlig will play a special ambient set during the night before. this will jus be the kick off for the new season of HOW SOON IS NOW, the next events will look like this: 31.5. ://about blank "how soon is now" Ata (live at robert johnson) Johannes Albert (fine, frank music) Karima F (jaeger oslo) Lauer (tuff city kids, live at robert johnson) 25.7. ://about blank "how soon is now" Barnt (magazine, comeme) Gunnar Haslam (delsin, l.i.e.s., the bunker new york) Koehler (skudge, die orakel) Uta (rec room, bcr, tms)
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