Macro 10: Stefan Goldmann & Finn Johannsen

  • Berlin's Macro label celebrates its 10 year anniversary with the Oslo DJ debut of its founders, Finn Johannsen and Stefan Goldmann. Macro has discovered a good bunch of outstanding artists, ranging from the bands Elektro Guzzi and KUF to techno mavericks L’estasi Dell’oro, rRoxymore and Vladimir Dubyshkin. Other individualists with a great standing of their own such as KiNK, Patrick Cowley, Peter Kruder, Oliver Ho, Santiago Salazar and of course Stefan Goldmann round off the roster of this wonderful outlet of electronic mayhem. Live, these constellations have been presented at label parties in Berlin, London, Paris, New York, Tokyo and other nice places.
  • Macro 10: Stefan Goldmann & Finn Johannsen - Flyer front