DJ Richard, Andrew Devlin, Cleveland, Facets

  • White Material founder DJ Richard will keep the Good Room weird for Thanksgiving weekend.
  • After graduating from the Rhode Island School of Design in Providence, DJ Richard went on to set up White Material. It’s a label and artistic collective including the likes of Young Male that became synonymous with roughed up, frayed house and techno. In 2015, Richard served up a debut album on Dial that was a deep meditation on foggy, ambient coated house drones. DJ Richard is known for serving up jagged rhythms and industrial cold wave cuts, taking one on a journey into the dark corners of the subconscious with his avant-garde selections. He will be joined on 11.24 by The Level Party's Andrew Devlin. Cleveland is the nom-de-guerre of the creative mind of Andrea Mancini. With releases on Oskar Offermann's White and John Talabot’s acclaimed Hivern Discs, the Brussels-based producer makes dreamy dancefloor tracks for a hypnotic personal journey. He's making his debut in the Bad Room with Samo Records' Facets. RSVP -
  • DJ Richard, Andrew Devlin, Cleveland, Facets - Flyer front