Killekill Megablank with Legowelt, The Exaltics & Much More

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    Legowelt (clone) - live The Exaltics (solar one) - live DJ Flush (killekill) Exterminador (Exterminador, killekill) S.L.A.M.-Floor COAL - live debut show! alias Anthony Arcana & Oliver Kohlenberg (south london analogue material) Ossian (south london analogue material) Philipp Strobel (aufnahme + wiedergabe) 3rd floor: TOMMI TOKYO (group a) Alienata alias SPOOKY ALIEN (discos atónicos, killekill) RENEGADE & PLANET TINK b2b
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  • Killekill hobbles along and unveils the line up for the first of a series of SUPER-MEGA-Events at About:Blank, KILLEKILL MEGABLANK! On the main floor LEGOWELT will introduce you to his new album "Legendary Freaks In The Trash Of Time". "Whatever happened to Surfhouse" will be only one question that might be answered during this night. He selfexplains his music better than anyone else when he says his music was "a hybrid form of slam jack combined with deep Chicago house, romantic ghetto technofunk and EuroHorror Soundtrack." Must-see THE EXALTICS are the second highlight of the night with their acid driven, timeless and mysterious electro, transforming the dancefloor into an outerspace discotheque. Their live shows are rare, so this is not to be missed! Killekill label boss DJ FLUSH and resident EXTERMINADOR, both music connesseurs in the best sense, are widely known to rock the floor and surprise you with something unexpected. Techno, electro and the cherry of the pie. On the Lobby Floor we'll present a South London Analogue Material showcase with label boss OSSIAN and a live debut show of the newly formed techno-EBM-punk duo COAL, which consists of no less than techno-producer Ayarcana and the outstanding singer Oliver Kohlenberg, who recently also sang for Ansome on his album. Support comes from A+W label boss PHILIPP STROBEL. Expect some raw hardcore energy on that stage! The 3rd floor is dedicated to anything else but techno and will he hosted by TOMMI TOKYO, one member of the Japanese avantgarde music duo group A. Her DJ sets are a mix of experimental industrial/electro, sixties rock and avantgarde music. Alienata unpacks her alias SPOOKY ALIEN to present a rare electro/post-punk set one for the music lovers. RENEGADE and PLANET TINK have met in the long and blurry nights of Berlin, one of these... The soundtrack of their reunion will feature some post-punk, ambient, italo disco, lo-fi electronica and no wave, a musical style which emerged as "a reaction against punk-rock in the late 70s in New York when artists were night-crawling, stringently conceptualist and versed in the traditions of anti-art. They created music that spoke of psychic pain, of sexual sin, and of atrophy; of a moral and spiritual bankruptcy." (Fact magazine) --- how visionary.
  • Killekill Megablank with Legowelt, The Exaltics & Much More - Flyer front