Moondance Festival 2018

  • Award-winning Croatian Techno festival returns 9+10+11 August, 2018 and reveals headliners Moondance is the festival of techno-lovers dreams. Host to revered artists from all over the world, it runs the musical gamut from deep, dark hypnotic grooves to raw power. At Moondance the best of classic and contemporary techno finds its home in the striking medieval Kamerlengo Fortress in Trogir, which was recently voted one of the world's most beautiful island cities by National Geographic. This perfect union of entrancing techno and extraordinary setting has seen Moondance grow from one night with 400 people to three nights with 9000 guests, in just five years. This year's event will be the largest-ever, yet still maintain its intimate vibe. Moondance is an immersive sensory adventure. The walls of Kamerlengo reverberate with the dark, deep, hypnotic sounds, creating a unique emotional vibration. Every detail of the event is carefully crafted, from the superb sound system to the visuals and video installations from international artists. Moreover, it has a relaxed, democratic atmosphere unique among electronic festivals and the staff is renowned for its helpfulness and hospitality. Here, fans can revel in the pure energy and creativity of techno music. Many artists combine DJing with electronic instruments, synthesizers, and more, providing an unforgettable experience that blurs the lines between live concert and dance event. Favorite Croatian techno festival in three nights will host some of the hottest djs and live performers of various techno subgenres. Ranging from deeper hypnotic and darker sound to raw and powerful techno Moondance is a mixture of classic and new movements in techno, crossroad of Detroit, UK and Berlin.
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