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    Fine Music & Street Art
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  • EVOCATION ((((starting at 8pm with live painting, music & food)))) experimental lounge selecta elektroakustische ensemble brasilian afrobeat arabic house pure techno grooves industrial live set all delivered @ Kunstgallerie + 2 dance floors To evoke through artistry a vivid impression of desired expectations... To produce through imagination a kinesthetic nocturnal journey till early morning... To transmit smells, colors, sounds, and shapes of Berlin... To challenge your own safe zone... To feed your soul through your perceptions... To stimulate your brain through empathy... This is not a Showcase This is not a Concert This is not an Exhibition This is not a Späti This is not Junk food This is more than you expect Free your mind Enjoy the Nu Oldschool" - Unrevealed Line Up - Fine Music - Street Art - 2 Dance floors - Pure Techno - World House / Disco - Experimental & Acoustic - Art Gallery - Analog Live Acts - Street Food - Vinyl Only - Social Care - Record Shop - Live Painting - homophobic behavior, racism & sexism will be not tolerated NO G.H.B. No Photos/Videos
  • Evocation - Flyer front
    Evocation - Flyer back