Moscoman at Huit Etoiles

  • Venue
    • Festae Omotesando Building B1F, 3-18-19 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062 Japan
  • Date
    Sat, 16 Dec 2017
    23:00 - 05:00
  • Promoter
  • Attending
    • 28
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    =Room1= Moscoman (Disco Halal) KITONOA Mustache X (Fake Eyes Production) y. (Timothy Really) and Huit Etoiles DJs (Que Sakamoto / tamaru / Sotaro / EMK / Butch (JP) ) =Room2= REKI (ELEPHANT) Taichi Kawahira (Brightness) Jun Nishioka (Lioness) twelve (NYANG NYANG BEACH) Hassy the wanted Ayana JJ (Smitten) u come on! (flowers in cave)
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  • Beloved Tel Aviv export Moscoman brings his playful vibes to Tokyo for the first time.
  • 【 Red Axesをはじめ数々のライジングスターを輩出する、モダンエスニックの革命家” Moscoman “ 待望の初来日!! 】 脈々と受け継がれてきたNu Discoシーンでの新たなるムーブメント【モダンエスニック】、現在世界中でその評価を高めているレーベルDisco Halal主宰者、それがMoscomanである。 彼のレーベルからはRed Axes、Acid Arab、Marvin & Guy等、現在世界を席巻しているNew Starを輩出し、ディスコシーンだけではなくDJ Tennis、Jennifer Cardini等テクノ・ハウスシーンをも巻き込み新たなる時代を築き上げている。その中心に存在し、アーティストとしても時代の寵児へと登り詰めたMoscomanが東京Nu Discoシーンの指標パーティーと称されたHuit Etoilesへいよいよ登場する!!! Sends out many of rising stars like Red Axes, modern ethnic revolutionary "Moscoman" An unbroken tradition of Nu Disco but now the movement of Modern Ethnic is taking over the scene. "Disco Halal" is one of the main constituents which moves the scene forward. From Moscoman's label, many of new stars who are becoming world favorites such as Red Axes, Acid Arab, Marvin & Guy and more are releasing their hit tracks. Now, not only it attracts Nu Disco scene but their movement spreads to techno/house scene with getting reputation from DJ Tennis, Jennifer Cardini, and others. It is not arrogant to say Moscoman reached the top rate in the scene and finally, he makes his appearance in Japan at Huit Etoiles aka the most iconic Nu Disco party in Tokyo!
  • Moscoman at Huit Etoiles - Flyer front