Mark Seven at on the Floor

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    • Festae Omotesando Building B1F, 3-18-19 Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0062 Japan
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    Fri, 10 Nov 2017
    23:00 - 05:00
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    =Room1= Mark Seven (Parkway / World Building -Stockholm) Kenji Takimi (Crue-L / Being Borings) cro-magnon (Jazzy Sport ) -LIVE- =Room2= Pleasure Crew (Jakarta) vendor Crew
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  • 【 世界中のDJ、ディガーに影響を与えるPARKWAY・PARKWEST主宰の"MARK SEVEN"が5年ぶりに来日 】 ファッションブランドnonnativeの旗艦店でもある、中目黒のセレクトショップvendorが手掛けるパーティー”ON THE FLOOR”。 過去にはLORD ECHO LIVE BANDやTHEO PARRISH、toe、RECLOOSEなど、国内外様々なアーティスト、バンドを招聘し開催されてきた。 今回は世界中のアンダーグラウンドダンスミュージックシーンから注目される、ストックホルムのDJ、MARK SEVENメインに、日本が誇るKENJI TAKIMIとライブパフォーマンスにはCro-Magnonを迎える。 ROOM2では、インドネシア・ジャカルタのクラブシーンを牽引するPleasureクルーが参戦。 “8年程前にマークを初めてベルリンに呼んだときの事を今でもはっきりと覚えているよ。あれが僕のDJ人生やダンススタイルのターニングポイントになったんだ。あの場で音楽と人々のエナジーが一つになった瞬間に、パッションと知識がどれだけ強みになるのかを垣間見た気がする。彼がその日にプレイしたレコードを今でも覚えているし、そこで初めて聞いたレコードを深く掘り下げたりして音楽のジャンルをもっと深く知るための入り口にもなり、ベースにもなった。”Hunee (Amsterdam) Nakameguro select shop vendor presents “ON THE FLOOR”. MARK SEVEN Mark Seven - one of the most highly respected names on the underground today. He's become a favorite guest for many of the world's discerning club floors, blending disco, house and leftfield oddities with finesse. Mark runs the Parkway & Parkwest labels and recently his studio work has garnered the kind of praise usually saved for his mixtapes. "The Fatal Flaw in Disco" released on Ari Goldman's World Building label became one of the anthems of 2016. Based in Stockholm since the late 90s, British-born Mark Seven began his obsession with the dance at now vaunted London parties like Delirium to a soundtrack of funk & soul. As Acid House took root in the capital Mark became a regular at the similarly hallowed Future and Shoom and inspired, started organizing his own events. His passion for discovery led him to the U.S. and Europe to source vinyl and has resulted in his own on-line record store, JusWax. In Stockholm Mark set up the Black Lodge all-nighters, mix-tapes from which helped to alert the outside world to his knowledge and ability. Producing since 1991 and running labels since 1992, Mark`s current project, Parkway, is inspired by the sounds he first fell in love with: the explosion of creativity that occurred post-Disco. Names like Paul Simpson, Winston Jones and Boyd Jarvis, Emergency and Easy Street. Records with Herb “The Pump” Powers etched in the run-outs. Parkway's sister, Parkwest, is the House side of things, raw, emotional & goosebump-inducing. The associated Parkway Mastermixes make clear Mark's intent: tributes to those Kiss 100 mix-shows; seamless blends and segues of exclusive edits and unknown-to-all-but-a-few Black music releases of the '80s. Unsung tracks that fed into a sound that became House. A history, that without people like Mark, would have already been forgotten. HUNEE says... "…inviting mark to play in berlin for the first time, probably 8 years ago or so… i still remember so vividly how it was a turning point in my life as a deejay and dancer. i got a glimpse into what was possible when passion and knowledge would be such strong forces, that a room becomes one because of both shared energy and musical excitement. i remember so many records he played that night (lots of them became entry points for me for lots of further discoveries and stayed with me as reference points, both musically and contextually, in the sense that i always remembered the way he played them)”
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