Friendly Potential: Andrew Weatherall & A Love From Outer Space

  • We’re thrilled to welcome to Auckland, for the first time since 1993, one of the most captivating and pioneering DJ & producers in the world: ANDREW WEATHERALL w/ A LOVE FROM OUTER SPACE Saturday 2nd December @ Galatos Tickets available 9am Monday 23rd October from This is going to be an unbelievable show. As ever, dress to dance. - ANDREW WEATHERALL - Andrew Weatherall is the definition of legendary. He first emerged as a resident DJ at pioneering London acid-house club Shoom and co-author of fanzine Boy’s Own. After that, he quickly went on to produce Primal Scream’s classic album Screamadelica, create an insane number of records under a ridiculous number of aliases, remix everyone from New Order to the Happy Mondays, launch a number of record labels (current count: three), and command dancefloors worldwide with mesmerising all-night DJ sets. Throughout his life, Weatherall has carved a curious, serpentine path through the fringes of electronic music. This has included his work with a variety of collaborators as Two Lone Swordsmen, Woodleigh Research Facility, and The Sabres of Paradise – projects that tend to self-destruct when they are on the verge of getting too big. More recently, his path has seen him verge toward sublimely narcotic dance music – primarily DJed alongside Sean Johnston (The Hardway Bros) as A Love From Outer Space, and showcased on his recent album Qualia. Weatherall puts it best himself – “The basic need for transcendence is part of the human condition, and has been for thousands of years. If I can help people get there - then all the better.”
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