Test Card x Push:Music

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    • 67 Lever Street, NQ, Manchester, M1 1FL, United Kingdom
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    Wed, 8 Nov 201719:30 - 23:00
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    James Booth (Growing Bin) Live A/V Clarke Dobbin Dujat Ruffoni Suviste Taylor Live Visuals / Sean Clarke
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  • Test Card is very excited to announce that we will be teaming up with the Push Music residency for the second year running. The Push:Music residency brings together a group of diverse electronic musicians and sound artists to develop new collaborative works at Band on the Wall. The project fuses electroacoustic composition, modular synthesis and laptop music to explore methods for collaboration, improvisation and performance. Throughout the night Test Card founder Sean Clarke will also be creative live generated visuals, in response to the musicians sounds. Push:Music is delivered in partnership with Brighter Sound, Band on the Wall, Texture and Reform Radio, with support from Arts Council England. James Booth (Growing Bin) Live A/V ============================================== Berlin based producer James Booth comes home for a rare Manchester live A/V show. Following a slew of releases on labels like Church, 100% Silk and Lowtec’s Out To Lunch, James brings us a live set of material taken from his latest release on Growing Bin and and the recent ‘Views from my shed’ EP as The Gardener on No Bad Days. https://soundcloud.com/growingbinrecords/sets/james-booth-personal-growth-gbr011 https://soundcloud.com/hollick_nobaddays/sets/nbd005-the-gardener-views-from Clarke / Dobbin / Dujat / Ruffoni / Suviste / Taylor ============================================== Vicky Clarke Vicky Clarke is a Manchester based sound artist. Through the creation of sound sculptures, her work explores methods of visualising, perceiving and uncovering sound. She investigates sound as a material through compositions, performances and installations that involve chaos, chance and interaction. Working with electronic, digital and analogue textures; she uses found objects, archives, self built electronic instruments, machines and formats to interrogate and amplify the sonic properties of material and spaces both real and imagined. Vicky is co-founder of Noise Orchestra, a sound art project that is developing electronic Noise Machines that translate light into sound and has exhibited her work internationally, most recently with Udk for Transit Zone Pavillion in Berlin. She has undertaken residencies at the National Media Museum, Q-O2 workspace for experimental music and sound art, Brussels. ‘Journey through the Mirror pool’, her first multi-channel sound installation is currently on show at the National Science & Media Museum. https://soundcloud.com/vicky_alix Luke Dobbin Luke is interested in the interactions between electronic instruments and mediums, exploring the possibilities presented by the integration of different elements of music technology, in particular Max/MSP and modular hardware. https://soundcloud.com/dematchou Guillaume Dujat Guillaume is a French national who grew up in china, playing Chinese drums, joining samba drum groups and playing in funk/jazz function bands. He moved to the UK to study music in Manchester as a percussionist, before quickly changing course to pursue Music Production. He is part of Manchester collective/label This City Is Ours, releasing his first EP, 'Dither' in 2016 and is a PhD candidate at the University of Manchester, and is currently developing new multi-channel electroacoustic works. Guillaume’s work often starts with seeking out sounds in nature using specialised microphones (contact, hydrophones, electromagnetic) and digitally manipulating recordings to create abstract sound worlds. https://soundcloud.com/dujat Chris Ruffoni Chris Ruffoni is a Huddersfield based electronic musician who’s interest in the areas between pop and experimental music led him to become a member of the experimental ensemble ‘edges’, spending several years exploring free improvisation, text and graphic scores. He went on to research electroacoustic composition, whilst performing in experimental pop group Crooks and Claridge. Chris is currently making new work using hardware-based approaches, including solar powered instruments. https://soundcloud.com/foni Hayley Suviste Hayley Suviste is an electroacoustic composer based in Manchester. She is currently undertaking a Masters in Electroacoustic Composition at the University of Manchester, and is interested in the exploration of space through multi-channel composition, sound design, live-interactive composition and improvisation. She samples ordinary, everyday sounds to create abstract and otherworldly soundscapes; her latest composition Kinesis was created entirely from samples of spinning objects, such as a spinning coin and bicycle wheel, and through the use of transformational processes explored and manipulated their aural energy. Another recent work, Tezeta uses live-interactive techniques, using MaxMSP, to manipulate sound in real-time. https://soundcloud.com/hayley-suviste Joel Taylor Drummer turned producer Joel Taylor (AKA LEO), takes inspiration from fragments of samples and field recordings, transforming them to create new melodies and rhythm, often severing links with the source material entirely. He brings together instruments which probably shouldn’t live together, taking them through a process of deconstruction and to make new compositions. Joel is currently working in collaboration with Liverpool based Iranian grime MCs Farhood and Tardast (Manteq). https://soundcloud.com/leoproducer ----------------------------------------------------------------- Texture is a fully accessible venue.
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