Forever and A Day with Cezar & Varhat 2nd Anniversary

  • We are back after a long break......... and getting right back to what we love doing throwing a wicked party with the best selectors and emerging artists emersed in a beautiful vibe, energy filled atmosphere. This rolling marathon of a celebration is one not to be missed! ☀ CEZAR - is a key figure in Bucharest’s underground scene, both as an influential artist and inspiring dj. He is already an established producer and his cutting edge sets are both seminal and energetic, the bond between new and old, minimal techno or house is determined only by the vibe he finds out there. ☀ Varhat - French producer Varhat has been creating music for many years and has become illustrious in recent times due to his painstaking dedication to crafting sound. Varhat has built up a very technical skill set and incorporating modulars and various analogue systems enables him to experiment and generate new ideas at will. His love for the music doesn't end in the studio and time away from this space often means time spent avidly digging for records. This passion eventually spawned another path for Varhat is one of the masterminds behind yoyaku, a name that has been gaining recognition over the last years as a record store, talent agency, and home to record labels such as Aku, YYY, YoY, Hostom, & more. He is an integral part of every release on his labels and supervises in the direction of the work. He overseas the process and is able to refine a release being a strong sound engineer and his mastering skills complete each cut to specification. Varhat has no limits when it comes to the music and is always taking on new challenges; pushing boundaries to broaden his soundscape and continues to build on his eclectic catalogue. ☀ Gri - Is a Romanian producer. The project started back in 2007 when after a long musical journey and lots of parties attended he started to develop his own. Since then, he experimented different genres of music trying to not be limited to a certain style. In the last few years he’s giving peculiar attention to the production side of the project trying to be more focused on creating than playing. All in the name of improving his sound. In terms of his sound, his tracks are full of emotion and positive energy trying to be out of particular patterns or genres. His Music is currently supported by fellow countrymen Rhadoo, Raresh, Praslea, Petre Inspirescu & artists alike from the [a:apia:r] label. ☀ Kofi Tyson & Oana Leca - The two label bosses go back to back and this is a set that will take us on a proper journey with their rolling minimal techno inspired sounds. Oana Leca the Auroom Record label boss, Born in Romania and now living in Munich/ London, music has always been a part of Oana’s life since childhood, Oana’s style is personal but equally simple and universal. In her sets she dives into peoples memories, feelings and most importantly their happiness; creating a harmony with oneself and whoever is there to experience and share their relationship with the music. Kofi Tyson is meticulous in his approach in everything he does whether its Production, Mixing, planning events or sourcing music for the next release its all about quality. He is the left hand side brain of record label Aphonic Music and here at Forever And A Day! ☀ Syreeta - Infectious high energy rolling selections are what Syreeta's sets are about laced with energy and raw emotion you will never see a dance floor still or quiet when this lady takes to the decks. ☀ Azire - His productions are of high quality and have been making a lot of noise abroad in Ibiza and here at home. Recently signing music to System 108 and a load of fresh music waiting to be released Azire is an artist to keep an eye out for. ☀ Shane B & WD Wallace - Their love affair with music started like most old school DJ's learning their trade while in school on trusted vinyl decks so you know their mixing is tight and on point. these two work hand in hand being best friends and their rolling groove filled loopy selections will have you dancing from the off! This ones going to be another special affair and we're looking forward to seeing you all on the dance floor for this marathon celebration. ------------------------------------------------------------- Photo I.D. is Essential, No I.D. No Entry. More info: [email protected]
  • Forever and A Day with Cezar & Varhat 2nd Anniversary - Flyer front
    Forever and A Day with Cezar & Varhat 2nd Anniversary - Flyer back