The Castle - Marcus Nasty Halloween Special

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    Marcus Nasty Tengu Mofaux Rogue-T Tonin & Inca Workers Elivo
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  • THE CASTLE is Back! Building on the vibe of the last event and making regular visits to the amazing Castle Goring to well, err, RAVE! ... it's gotta be done. We will be making it darker and dirtier on this HALLOWEEN Special event plus a much needed second bar (shot bar ;) ) TOP PRIZE for the best fancy dress! Line up: MARCUS NASTY Tengu B2B Mofaux Rogue-T B2B Tonin & Inca Workers Elivo Aniv Tickets now available £5 Early Bird, £7 Advance, £10 on the door. Marcus Nasty For anyone following London dance floor sounds over the last decade or so, Marcus Nasty’s name will be instantly familiar. He originally cut his teeth in grime as a member of the NASTY Crew, before later becoming known as one of the pioneers of funky – although he insists he still prefers the term “underground UK house”. Since then, he has continued to represent its newer descendants on his Rinse FM show and in his vibrant club sets. “At the minute, that’s what I perceive myself as,” he nods. “At the forefront of the UK underground, bass-driven house movement.” Reflecting the gleefully cannibalistic nature of UK dance music, where other sounds are chewed up and spat out in new and entirely ruder shapes, Marcus’ shows are riotous blurs of colour and energy. He’s at hand on the mic, shouting out to listeners, introducing tracks and MCing, while beneath the music flows as an infectious whirl of kicks, snares, fluorescent synths and warped sub-bass. It’s that rawness and upfront energy that continues to draws him, again and again, to these new hybrid forms of house music. “It’s different,” he enthuses. “It’s got that nice calm house vibe, but it’s got those big thumping basslines that come from all the sounds we were into before. It’s got different sounds from different genres, and it’s made the ravers unite. That’s where I’ve come from and that’s what I’ve been trying to push, and explain ‘Look, we came from all these scenes, and this is now our music.’ And it’s growing on a worldwide scale. I wanted this thing to be big, but I could never have foreseen it being as big as it is now.”
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